How To Read Philosophy Books

What are some good Philosophy books to read.

also, how do I become an avid book reader? I tried going to library once a week but after a while, i’d get discouraged and stop going. How do I exercise my mind of doing this. I want to get ready to start my sophomore year in college

Plato and a Platypus Go into a Bar, Cathcart and KleinA Philosophy of Universality, Omraam AivanhovPhilosophy for Dummies, Tom MorrisGenerally, reading for main ideas is more useful, important, in terms of what you’ll find helpful the day after the final exam. Continue reading “How To Read Philosophy Books”

How Many Books Does The Average Person Read In A Lifetime

In how many cases man can do better work than machines/computer.

Performance, Ability and Adaptability:Performance and Ability – So,even though it has been proved that the brain is far more superior to today’s best computers,many of us out there wouldn’t believe it. Continue reading “How Many Books Does The Average Person Read In A Lifetime”