How To Sell Books Online And Make Money

How to make money online.

I have been asking for a long time!How can I make money online?Is there any solution and good answare for this question?

You can create a affiliate website or be a vendor, i mean create an own project!You can write an e-book and sell it!You can go on fiverr and work something amazing for 5$ or more!There’s a many ways to make a good income!I wish you a good luck!

$$$ how to make money.

okay so i dont want anyone posting ideas such as, the go online and make money scams. i need real ideas, and its not very hot where i live so.. :Pthank you!:)

>>>>>>> ★At the beginning, think about what you want to sell. Perhaps books or clothes is ok to you. You may choose one from product lists of b2b websites. Then, try B2C/B2B/C2C sites like: http://ww w.ebay,com, http://amazon,com and . P.S. Both ebay and amazon need your credit card number to register a membership to sell, while doesn’t need it and it is free to sell your items. You may search more such sites to promote your products. Money will find you. Good luck! I survived series

how to make money online.

take some things you no longer need, like, or enjoy anymore and sell them on ebay. With the profit buy some other cheap items to sell for more money on ebay. eventually, you will make money. Buy a good book on how to sell items online, and your all set. -make sure you read the book first :p

Advice on selling books online..

I’m wanting to sell used books online. I was wanting some advice on how to do this. If it’s possible to make decent money? The best places to find books to sell. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

Sell them on ebay. If you need help with ebay, there are alot of free resources on the internet, even on yahoo answers. There are even books in the library about it.

How can I make money selling books online.

I’m doing a one hundred book challenge on my blog and I wanted to let readers be able to order the books I am reading. I wanted to be able to make a buck or two off each book that I sell. I was wondering where I could get cheap books, wholesale maybe? Or if there was another way to do this. Thanks.

You probably want to go and check out Amazon’s affiliate program. Allow them to sell the books, deliver, and earn a commision on each book you sell.Just visit this link:

Can someone tell me how to make and sell an e-book.

How to sell used books.

I want to sell a lot of used books that I have and i’m not sure which one would make more money.1.) A book store like Barnes & Noble, Half Priced Books, and etc.or2.) Selling them in a yard sell/garage sell/flea market?

Sell them online… There are lots of good used book stores out there that will pay you a decent price. Your #1 can work, but it’s a lot of effort. #2? No way. You’ll be luck to get a $1 for most titles. People like to haggle.I went through this a while back and found a great solution that made it super easy to unload my books and get a decent payback quickly. I wrote a FAQ up for others, which you can see at, but the short answer is:1.) Use your smart phone to take inventory of all your books.2.) Pump that list into one of the online book buying services. I recommend Powells simply because they’ve got decent prices and pick up shipping.Basically, you’ll spent your time packing up your books and not entering data or carrying the books around to various stores. My way is super easy.Good luck and hope this helps…

How do I make money selling books online .

I’m so frustrated. I need like a holy grail of where to go, what to buy, what to sell. I know this is impossible, but would be nice ;)Any way, any decent resources or guides or sites which might help me?

You’re right, there is no holy grail (thankfully), the competition would be rife and this industry wouldn’t be so friendly to new comers. There is TONS of money to made doing this and all you need is a love of books.Only one book (ebook) stands out to me at the moment – It was the first comprehensive guide I ever bought and it really did give me the lifeline I needed.Of course, it can be as simple as using sites like amazon an ebay, but without a proper guideline, you’re lost. I feel your pain, was in the same situation. Check out that book, made an impact on me any way.Hope that helps. Keep your chin up! With the right guidance, you can make this work! It’s easier than you think.Good luck..Mark.

How do people make money selling books online for two and three cents.

I have noticed on amazon dot com, that used books are sometimes for sale for incredibly low prices. There is usually a $2-$3 shipping fee. Do these folks have a deal with the shipping? Why is it worth anyone’s time to sell a book for three cents? Example.. as of august 10,2010.. search on amazon for “games…

A friend of mine buys a huge amount of books and is able to use his buying power to get books for very low prices. He can make a profit on postage and packing this way. With Amazon you will notice the cheapest options are always at the top of the list. Many people will buy off the first page of listings without bothering to look any further so that first page becomes somewhere everyone wants to be seen. And, of course, a cheap item delivered promptly ensures high feedback (which Amazon are far stricter about than other sites) and often leads to repeat sales for the seller. I buy from the reliable sellers and dump the ones who cannot give me quicker than expected delivery. If I can get this service for little more than postage then I am always going to go down this route.

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  1. You can clean house and make some extra cash by selling your books online. The tremendous reach of the Internet can allow you to sell more books more quickly than you could sell locally, and you’ll likely receive higher prices as well. It only takes a couple minutes to list a book for sale, so why not give it a try today? Choose a site on which to sell your book, or choose a couple if, for example, you want to sell a specialty book and a more general book. You’ll usually need to provide your bank account information and/or credit card number, so once again, make sure you feel comfortable with your choice.

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  4. You may be able to take them into a used book store to sell them to the use book store, but most will just give you store credit (i.e. you must spend the money in their store) instead of actual cash though. It’s not a bad idea if you’re left with books you can’t sell through other means though.

  5. If they’re hard cover or non-fiction, there may be a bit of value to them. You can get a fair idea of the book’s value by looking at ebay, abebooks or other used book sales sites like amazon market place.What a bad speller.

  6. own website with products to sale.But, if you decide to work from home (online), you need somebody to show you what do you have to do, otherwise u will do too many unnecessary things.

  7. Anyway than I joined this program and I got really good sponsor. He showed me everything I needed to know. And now, I’m passing it forward…the book may only cost $1.50 to ship – maybe they got the book for free, so any money is profit

  8. Well, You can try selling things. Or do invest a small business at first and then slowly improve it.

  9. Your ad copy should be such that people would be jumping at a chance to pay more.This might be a bit weird, but how about a job?

  10. There is no set “standard” as to how much money you can make from selling a book. There are many variables involved. The most basic is the concept of “royalties”: you would earn a percentage on the sales of your book, the rest of it going to your publisher. The royalties are part of the elements involved in a literary contract.

  11. Books are heavy, the shipping cost start to make it hard to sell books cheap enough that you make money, and buyer feels like they are getting deal.

  12. I personally think there is too much competetions for used book sales. You often find books selling for a few dollars with $4-6 shipping fee. I listed some used books for sale on Ebay and The only ones that were worth while were text books and rare books.

  13. Many people make money online by starting a blog or website on topics that interest them. It could be sewing, knitting, basketball, travel, board games, writing, or whatever else may interest you. Then you begin to do an outline of how you will design your site into pages sorted by relevant keywords that are associated with your keyed interest. Once that is established you begin writing and writing and writing. It won’t feel like a job because it interests you. Then you link to other relevant websites associated with your niche. This may take some work and why it is important that you write about your topic well or have an established writer do it. Then you will see traffic coming in after you backlink, submit to search engines, directories, etc. . Then you can link to affiliate products associated with your site and/or ads that earn you a significant income. The more traffic you receive, the more income you get.

  14. will tell you about the BEST website!!! The video will give you the link for the website and on the website, you get a $5 SIGNUP BONUS!!! There is NO MINIMUM CASHOUT so as soon as you register, you can cashout $5 via Paypal OR a Check!!! The $5 Bonus will come within 48 hours. It only took me 24 hours. That means that you can keep registering using the link in the video and you will keep getting $5!!! Also, I once earned $113 in LESS THAN 30 Minutes!!! There is proof on this youtube video:…about two years now, ande-bay

  15. If they’re paperback novels, a garage sale/flea market is really your only option as they will be worth very little – not worth paying for shipping at all (around 25 cents, depending on condition and subject).join click bank.The website is AMAZING as you can also earn PRIZES such as Xbox360’s, Playstations, and Giftcards!!!!!!! I have tried many other websites but this one is BY FAR THE BEST!!!!!!!!Good Luck and I hope you choose to use this link because you can LITERALLY GET RICH!!!

  16. Dear Friend,find a good product become a affiliate byis list building…Takes about 30 minutes from now, even for complete beginners.

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  19. In order to make money online you need to take matters into your own hands and avoid using the systems/scams people will bait you into on here. Try using to buy stuff cheap online then resell it on Ebay at close to retail price. At Smart Bargain Hunters you bid on items and the price goes up by 10 cents each time. Once time expires the leading bidder wins the item. You have to pay 60 cents to bid but if you can win an auction after bidding 100 times then you only spent $60 and won a $400 piece of equipment. Just make sure to be patient and use a good bidding strategy while everyone else drives the price up in the beginning.

  20. I started on my own, and I was not making any progress for quite a while.It’s all in the words.

  21. Depends on the books, as some types of books generally aren’t worth much money at all.Try online company they pay for used books, dvds, cds, video games. you can price your items instantly online. they pay for shipping and tracking. I got paid by PayPal, it was pretty fast. you can also get paid by check if you would like.

  22. I’ve sold on e-bay, build myhelp me to be successfulI work from home for few years now. The company is legit and has been on the market since 1999. They pay me every time – no issues! You can start for free and work whenever you have time.

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