How To Sell Books On Ibooks

Dumb/simple questions about ebooks.. i need to clarify this please help.. so on google play.

there appear to be 2 main types of books, scanned (which are basically unreadable on smartphone) and then nonscanned, –either ePUB or PDF formats.. Is that correct so far?OK so I am confused about how the ePUB format relates to HOW you actually read it on smartphone.. Am I correct in saying that the only way to…

“OK so I am confused about how the ePUB format relates to HOW you actually read it on smartphone..”To read ePub books, PDF books or any other format, you need to have software on your phone, computer or reading device that supports that format. The problem that you run into is that some reading devices, such as Kindle, don’t support “competitor’s” formats. Kindle doesn’t read ePUB. It does display PDFs, but not well. The common files for Kindle are AZW, MOBI and PRC.“OK so if I am still correct so far, then what is the most common epub reader that people use for epub books ? “is ePUB the dominant format for books”While Google Play is working to become a competitor with Kindle, my experience to date has been that Kindle is the dominate reader. That means you need a .PRC version of the book and generally need to list it on Amazon. ePUB is more generic than .PRC, but not necessarily dominant. Kindle won’t read ePUB.“(i mean , is there a “default” reader that all smartphones (or lets just say android phones (i dont use/have iphone) use?, and if so, what is it?”No, not really. Most people can download a PDF reader even if they don’t read ebooks. But people who read ebooks usually have Kindle or Nook software and those require different formats.“(why is it better than PDF etc ?)”I’ll answer this one to apply to all formats that work with ereading software, not just ePUB. In general, e-readers are designed to make reading as close to book reading as possible. Readers can change font size, change display, leave bookmarks, etc. PDF is a format designed to display a computer page exactly as it would look if printed, which means it wants to preserve the page layout. This makes changing font size and other options somewhat ugly. It’s not comfortable to read something formatted for a 8X11 page on a 5inch smart phone screen.“i need them to have lots of navigation features (if that is possible in an ebook) (such as, being able to toggle between two different translations)”I believe Apples iBook Author software is supposed to do this. I’ve never used it. I’ll give you a link, but using it means you have to offer the books through the Apple Store and they run only on iPhones.“why are some books sold as an app, while others as a book? “It may just be how they’re listed in various app stores. But most ebooks are sold through publishers or big distribution points like Amazon or Barnes and Noble and are sold as books.I suggest you check out Smashwords. They work as a distribution point for many self-published authors and even a few small publishing houses. They will let you use their software to convert a book into common formats and distribute through them. Currently they don’t have an agreement with Amazon or Google Play, so you have to create separate accounts for each of those and upload using their system. But Smashwords has good information about the ebook process in general even if you don’t use them.

How do you transfer iBooks app purchases to computer…

I have a 2nd generation iPod Touch…16 GB and I’m getting an iPhone, so I’ve decided to sell my iPod touch. I’ve purchased 50 dollars worth of books on that application, and I want to transfer it to my computer so when I get my iPhone, I can put it on that…but I don’t know how to do this?…

Full guide: How to transfer and backup iBooks from iPhone to computer…GOOD LUCK!

Read free romance books online without downloading

Apple App Question Help Please .

If I was self-publishing a book how would I turn that into a Apple App ?

It depends on the nature of the book, the computer you use, what you mean by Apple app (Mac computers or iOS devices?) and you abilities as a programmer.Initially, if you have a Mac, you could use the free iBook Author to create an interactive book…

Will I make money on my survival E-book.

I wrote a list style survival E-book. It has 20 PDF pages of information. I am planning on selling it on the ibook store, kindle store, and making it into an app and putting it onto the itunes store. I have sold it on Ebay but I am looking to earn more money. I got 5 star reviews every time. How many E-books sell…

I didn’t even know you could do this, but it sounds like it would be cool. Of course you would need someone to spread the word about the E-book or there wouldn’t be any point in selling it. Send out an email to ten friends about it, ask them to email it to ten friends, and so on and so forth. But other than that, if you got all those reviews, I say go for it. What’s the risk in trying?

Question about Ibooks author and selling Ebooks.

Okay so I’m very aware that many people who self publish ebooks make very different amounts of money. I’m not asking for an exact amour, just a median or something. How much do brand new authors usually make for their first Ibook in the apple store. I just want an average, so please don’t say “It…

The answer most people give is $10. However it may not even be possible to make $10. If iBooks is set up like Amazon KDP then you might only receive money when you have $100 earnings or more in your balance.Anyway – there is NO WAY for anyone to tell you. You could write a piece of irrelevant junk with a bad cover and bad description that nobody wants to buy. Or something a few people buy then leave a bad review on so nobody else buys it. Or you could write something that catches the eye of a lot of people. WE cannot know which will happen.Curious – Why do you want to publish on iBooks? That would be my LAST target unless I was writing an ebook about Apple products or apps. Amazon KDP would be my first target if I had an ebook to sell.…BTW I believe you have to be 18 and have a bank account in order to sign the contracts involved in publishing an ebook.

What’s the depreciation on Macbooks and PCs. How much should I try to sell used laptops for.

I have:a three-year-old 17-inch Macbook Pro that is 2.4GHz, 160 gb, and completely loaded with software, including the Adobe CS4, which is like a $2000+ software program by itself.a 2 year-old Sony Vaio 15 inch, 250 GB. I don’t remember the other specs at the moment. It has Microsoft Office and…

none of them are going to be worth much. would need all physical specs on the computer but you are looking at getting maybe 800-1k for the lot.Do you have any of the originial packaging for the software. because most people are not going to want to run that software on that old of a pc. if you have the serial numbers to go along with all of the stuff you could probably get more for it. you are still looking at maybe 200 for the laptop and maybe 800 for the software. you will not get close to full price for it. i would still say probably 1k for the macbook pro with all the software. maybe 200-250 for the sony vaio. and maybe 50 bucks for the ibook.EDIT: Sorry my info may have been a bit misleading. The reason why I say that you are still looking at 1k-1200 for the macbook pro, is unless you find someone that NEEDS all of that stuff, and is willing to sacrafice the performance of a newer computer to go with it and buying it all themselves, you are going to need a price cut. and quite a hefty one. I would love to tell you you could get 2grand for it, and you probably could if you left it on ebay or something like that for the right person willing to sacrafice, and buy it up, but odds are, is on craigslist you wont it will take to long to find the perfect buyer. just keep reposting on ebay.The viao. simple, it is 2 years old. still decent shapy. extra programs. get 200-300 because it will run as fast as a brand new bottom end laptop at best buy for 350.The ibook’s are far to out of date. put it up for 50 bucks and hope some parent needs it for their kid to write word documents for school. Hope this helps.

how much would you pay Ibook G4.

im thinking about selling my laptop on ebay or maybe to a friend ..but im not sure how much to sell it’s a Ibook G4.. i know older model, but its in really good much would you pay?

if it is the power book G4 from apple maybe about 50 bucks because that was back in the day apple still used ibm processors and that they are useless now and you can’t do much on them at all because they are not very powerful

How do I remove DRM from iBook and put book on kindle.

I think that will be pretty hard. I believe Apple only allows iBooks to be downloaded to Apple hardware. So if you don’t have a Mac or iPad I don’t think you will be able to download the iBooks. If you do have Apple hardware and download them, then you have the problem of getting them out of the device and Apple won’t make that easy for you either.…Then you have to figure out how to get the DRM off and then convert it to mobi format (which is illegal since that is making a copy, and worse than that. an unprotected copy).I think a better idea would be to ask around at school if anyone wants to trade an Amazon or Kindle gift card for an iTunes gift card. Or you could sell the iTunes gift cards at a discount on Ebay, then buy yourself Amazon/Kindle gift cards.

can I get some help with ibooks.

ok I have several questions.1: do I have to own/use a Mac or any other kind of computer from apple to be able to sell books on ibooks?2 What kind of files do ibooks support? can I sell odt files on it?3 how much money do apple get from the sales?

1. Apple say that you need iTunes Producer in order to publish the books to the iBooks store. iTunes Producer does require a Mac.2. iBook files (which I believe are a variant of ePub). No, you can’t sell ODT, you have to convert them first.3. 30%

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  2. Yes, you can redownload any book from the iBookstore, as many times as you need, free of charge. To redownload a book, tap Store, then tap Purchases. Find the book you wish to download again and tap Redownload.

  3. I’ve enjoyed to read always. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also enjoy TV. During the day it is usually a book.

  4. Reading a good e book offers a richer experience and can leave you with recollections that can last years. Television is only educational if you are observing a documentary or something similar

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