How To Sell Books On Chegg

Where is a good place to sell used books online.

And I mean like novels, not college textbooks, because I’d use chegg for that… I’m just trying to look for a way to clear out clutter and make a little money while I can… thanks. 🙂

Personally I think the best place to sell used books online is or is part of ebay, but it’s only for books. There’s also no bidding – it’s more similar to how amazon works. However novels don’t usually sell for a lot of money unless they are used for classes or are rare. It’s worth checking out what your books go for on those sites, but you might only be making 5 or 10 cents on some of the bestsellers (remember to factor in that you’ll have to pay for shipping, which is usually more than what they reimburse you for, plus they’ll take a commission). Depending on how much your books are going for, you might be better off taking them to a used book store to see what you can get – at least it would save you the hassle of packing and shipping each on individually.

where/How do i sell my college books online.

I would sell them in my schools book store but they don’t even pay half the price the books i have are in mint condition they could probably even pass them as new (wouldn’t be surprised if they did). Either way, your help is highly appreciated, thank you. You can also rent books from them. I saved over $200 on books this semester and I don’t have to worry about selling them back. Also, they plant a tree for every book you rent. It is an awesome company anyway you look at it.Hope this helps.

How to get free audible books without credit card

Where to sell used textbooks.

I know that the school bookstore buys back books, but I want to know what other ways I can get some money back from books I know I’ll never use again.I found some sites online but I’m not sure how reliable they are. I’d like to get your opinions on the credibility in selling my books to these sites.

You can try selling yourself on ebay or Amazon. Or, if you want a company who will simply buy the books from you, I’ve listed three different ones below that I’ve had good experience with:……

have you ever used chegg to RENT a book.

Just wondering how it worked, and if it was reliable and safe? When you returned your book were there any problems? Were you happy with it? any input is helpful! thanks

You can have books shipped at your pace and save 5% on all textbook orders + FREE return shipping for renters and sellers.If you sell your books you get an extra $5 cash back on top of the cash you get.You must use coupon code CC100005 for either offer.Code does not expire and can be used as many times as you like.

How long does it take to get rented books from Chegg.

I;m thinking about renting books from, how long do they take to ship? Have you ever had problems with chegg?

I have heard that Chegg is just fine. They ship quickly and are pretty reliable.But, I would also consider buying your textbooks from other students at your college. Although you will save money up front by renting from Chegg, you can’t sell the books back, so you end up losing more money.You can read about this here: luck! If you have any other questions, you can find my contact information in the “About Me” part of my profile. I write many articles related to college life and applying to college!

Help. Where is the best website to sell my books..

i found sells books in my monthly 17 magazine. I tried typing my ISBN but it said they are not buying. Every other site said they aren’t buying my books! What is the best website to sell my books on or trade them? plz help, i don’t want to throw my books out.

Quite frankly, there may be none. As you are finding, there is a glut of books on the market with many, many copies of each. But, if you are determined……………Before you waste your time, visit larger used book booksellers on the web such as Abe’s Books: each book, see what the booksellers are asking for the book. Then you may want to establish your guidelines as to whether you want to list the book or not. Perhaps these guidelines may work for you:If used booksellers are asking $5 or less for the book, don’t bother. Selling items for $5 or less at eBay, in my opinion, is a time and energy waster for little return. If this is the case, you may just want to group a lot of 3-5 books in one auction listing and categorize your listings either by author or subject matter.If used booksellers are asking $5-$10 for the book, I’ll let you decide.If used booksellers are asking $10+ for the book, list it.If you don’t see the book listed at Abe’s, then:1. It is extremely rare and worth a small fortuneor2. It is worthless. (‘Gently’ place it in your recycling bin or donate it.)I would suggest ebay if you want to sell them. How long it takes to sell them has everything to do with the size of your potential market, i.e., you are more likely to find a buyer among those millions of people online than your are in a garage sale. As a seller you have to consider the size of your potential market. To wit, a basic business tenet is ‘The greater the potential market, the greater the potential to maximize profits.’Your largest potential market is eBay worldwide, not just the USA.I didn’t mean to burst your bubble, but such is life the ‘book world.’ Good Luck!

Selling college books on amazon or ebay.

Which one is a better site to sell on?How do the fee’s work? I believe amazon takes 10% (?), what about ebay?Any feedback you have is appreciated.

It depends on the books. I have sold on both (the eBay site) and I usually look at what the book is going for on the site and see which is higher.I’ve never sold a book on amazon, so not sure how that would be.

How Do I Use Chegg To Sell My Books.

when i searched for my books and typed in all the ISBN numbers and all that junk, it says select payment method on the right. it gives you the option of cash, or chegg credit, and gives a dollar amount. now, is this the amount that i will be paid for shipping my books to them?

What you can do is use coupon code CC103610 or CC100005 to get an extra $5 cash back on books you sell plus you can use one of the coupon codes to save up to 11% on your entire order.When you rent and sell books to Chegg you can print out a Free shipping return label.The codes do not expire and can be used as many times as you like.If you want the cash for your books you will get what Chegg offers,but if you want a credit instead to use towards your next purchase you can get more back.Please let others know about these offers.I saved over $480 plus I made enough selling my books to have some extra cash on hand.

How to sell novels on

Okay so I saw this thing in seventeen mag that said that you can sell your novels for about $10 on as well as textbooks. but when i went online. it ONLY had textbooks to sell. every novel i tried to sell said was “not eligable”. So, is the ad in the magazine wrong, or am I doing something…

No, chegg only buys textbooks mostly. I have never been able to sell novels, only old textbooks. They are great for renting books though. If you ever rent or sell a textbook use code CC108488 to save/receive (depending on if you are selling or renting) an extra 5$ per order. Chegg has saved me almost 400 dollars!

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  1. I’m not sure about Chegg, I always thought they only take donations of books. I don’t think they actually buy them. I do know that you can sell your books at (it’s an eBay website). I’ve always used and get a fair amount of money back for my textbooks.

  2. i saw the same ad in 17 magazine. i am trying to sell novels to 250 dollars worth!!!!! so i am very disapointed that they don’t buy novels. but why does 17 mag say that??? im very confused about this to. such a bummer!!!!!

  3. There are sites listed here you might want to check out:My favorite place to sell to online is I have sold to them a few times and its fairly easy.

  4. I would recommend either BookByte or Amazon, as both of them are definitely reliable and safe. I used to sell my used textbooks at BookByte when I was in my 2nd year of degree. You can ship your books for free and get your money via PayPal or check in short time. I would suggest you to compare the prices offered by both Amazon and BookByte, then choose the one with the best price offered. Good Luck!

  5. it in all fairness secure to sell on-line as long as you do no longer supply out any very own techniques, credit card information and your actual handle. you additionally can assure your purchasers that the products have been extra by capacity of offering a monitoring extensive style. itemizing at public sale sites helps sellers to apply code names or ids for anonymity. start up analyzing on a thank you to checklist your products to shrink blunders and maximize income. 🙂

  6. abebooks is the best place but most sellers are bookstores. ( I dont’ work for them)Sell it to not so smart students. It will help them. Probably.

  7. The ad probably meant to say textbooks. Chegg only deals with textbooks. But you can try They are primarily a textbook search engine that searches for the cheapest textbooks, but you can can actually use them to sell books too. And not just textbooks it will work for any kind of book. Just go to the site, and type in the title, author, or ISBN and when the results come up click “Sell” instead of “Buy”.

  8. By eBay, I’m assuming takes slightly less commission than Amazon, but books posted on Amazon sell faster because of Amazon’s larger audience.

  9. you can try craigslist.comI haven’t, but I saw a question today and someone said they used it and it was fine.

  10. Amazon? EBay? I think there is this one where you punch in the number on the book and it tells you how much they would buy it for. I forgot what its called.

  11. The college I used to attend had a bulletin board in the hallway, I would just post notes on it with my info and which books I wanted to sell. Maybe you can find out if your college has something like that. Mine usually sold pretty quick.

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