How To Make American Girl Doll Books

What do American Girl Dolls Mean to You.

American Girl Dolls – Collecting? Learning? Playing?Do you like American Girl because of how much you can sell it for? Or because of the Historical Dolls time period?To me, American Girl is about learning about girl from all different time time periods, who are all different, and exploring there worlds. I…

I love american girl dolls! I have 8 and they are each from a different time period. I love to read there books and learn more about what happen in there time! One of my favorite things to do is dress them up in their clothes and act things out with them (from there time period). I also really like them, for the collecting. Some day when I have grand kids or great grand kids I want to give them to them and them and tell them about there wonderful history. I hope I helped you! Have a great day!

simple and cheap way to make american girl doll stuff.

Dose anyone know a cheap and simple way to make stuff for my american girl doll?

On youtube you can find how to make a lot of things. Like cell phones, beds, clothes, and more. Plus you can make mini books out of cardboard, make beds out of cardboard, boxes, or other hard, cheap items. Try making outfits out of leftover fabrics or old curtains, jeans, etc. Have fun and use your imagination!

Free zane books

how do i make american girl stuff without buying the crafts book.

I don’t have much american girl stuff and they are really expensive i just have a doll and was wondering how to make some home made accessories or something. any one know???

There are free patterns on the Internet for sewing American Girl doll clothes:………There are free knitting patterns here: are free crochet patterns here:

American girl doll ideas.

I’m planning my little sister’s slumber party and its based on american girl dolls. i dont want to buy the prepackaged party kits because its expensive. what are some crafts/activites we can do? and were kind of on a budget. and since i have to take care of 4-5 little girls all night, something easy would be…

I love American girl dolls myself! You can have an American girl doll hair styling contest! At The American girl doll place they have a book about how to style your AG doll’s hair! Or you could get at any local retailers that sell books! They also have a book set on how you could make your own AG doll clothes! I hope your little sister has a good party!

Any videos to make with american girl dolls.

I just made a Youtube account (AmericanGrlFan930) and I only have 3 videos. Any ideas to make? I only have one doll, Felicity, but i make videos with my neighbor and her 3 dolls alot too. I’m out of ideas and have no idea what to do!

I think you could have a great time making videos, they are tons of things to work on that you could do. Post these on the web for others to enjoy.How to take care of your doll and keep her clean and how important it is to keep the water out of her eyes so they do not rust.How to put her away when not being payed with. Reading stories to her at bed time and what would be good stories for dolls to hear.How to style her hair they are some really great hair styles you can do with American Girls dolls, so that other people will know what to do and how to style their dolls hair.How to put her head back on if it gets loose, with the electrical ties from the hardware store, and how to pull those really tight. And other minor repairsMake some simple patterns for clothes, from paper then go to the store choose fabrics that would work well, cut and finish the outfits. Have a fashion show ans a the last dress in most large fashion shows is the bride outfit.Make straw hats there are some great books on making hats for your dolls. Some hat go all the way back to the early days in America like the sunbonnet for working in the garden.Hopefully this has given you some ideas of where to start.have a great timeSource(s):

How do I make school stuff for American Girl dolls.

I want to make an American Girl doll high school. Any tips on how to make desks, a theatre class, nurse’s office, principal’s office, etc.? Thank you! 🙂

When I was younger I had somewhat of an american girl school, I looked for anything small around my house I could use.-I found small wooden pencils at Michael’s for 25 cents each, or you could cut and color or paint toothpicks-I found small pencil sharpeners, tape, etc. at places such as Walgreen’s during the back to school season-At places such as target i found small lunch boxes-I used to make trash cans out of small paper dixie cups-I actually used boxes as desks, covered them with fabric, etc.-I used small cork drink coasters as cork boards-I also found that you could easily transform shoe boxes as chairs—flip the bottom of the box over this was the seat, and use the top of the box as the back of the chair-books can easily be made by printing out a small picture of the cover and binding and glueing it on a piece of thick foam boardI really don’t remember what else i made—its been a while and has since been disassembled.I hope this helps a little!I used to find lots of ideas on youtube, and in the book, Doll School

How to make a victorian era dress/clothes for american girl doll.

How can i make clothes for my american girl dolls that look like victorian era clothing?

It depends on how authentic you want the clothing to be. For play, having a dress that just “looked” right would be fine, but if you’re doing a project for school, you might need something more authentic.You will need to decide exactly which style you want, and also whether you’re going to dress your doll as a little girl or as a woman.The Victorian period stretched from the 1830s to 1901. There is no “one” Victorian style. The 1840s tended to have modest dresses with moderately full skirts and bonnets that hid the face from the side. The 1850s tended to have wider skirts, often with 3 to 5 flounces, tight bodices and, toward the end, large sleeves worn over white undersleeves. At the end of the 1850s women also started wearing the hoopskirt or cage crinoline to hold out the dresses. During the 1860s, the hoopskirt changed shape from being a rounded bell-shape to an elongated ellipse that stuck out further in the back. 1860s dresses sometimes had slightly higher-than-normal waists, pagoda sleeves with undersleeves and very full skirts. Military-like trim was popular in the U.S., as were Zouave jackets worn over very decorative blouses. The early 1870s featured the first “bustle”- a large pad or wire protrusion that made the back of the dress stick out. 1870s dresses were often extremely elaborate, with multiple overskirts, trims on trims, very tight long-waisted bodices with elbow-length or 3/4 sleeves with large ruffles at the ends (think 18th century), and trains. The bustle disappeared in the late 1870s but reappeared in the 1880s in a much more severe form, being almost flat. 1880s dresses look more tailored. They often have small standing-up collars, long tight sleeves, tight long-waisted bodices, and rather narrow skirts with asymmetrical over-skirts, a bustle in back, and a train. In the mid-1890s, large leg-o-mutton sleeves were popular, as were conical skirts. The 1900s favorite style was a delicate white blouse worn with a darker, plain, long skirt, or a white “lingerie” dress (not underwear, but made of delicate cotton or linen fabric with lots of lace and embroidery.) Little girls’ clothes followed that of their mothers in most cases, but were shorter and usually simpler.You can see photos of some of these styles at…If you are going just for the “look” then you could use a commercially available doll pattern and just adjust it slightly to reflect a certain style. There are also “historical” patterns already made for these dolls. I think you can even get some of them free at the American Girl website. The best of these patterns that I’ve seen look okay, but remember they are NOT accurate 19th century patterns. 19th century clothing was cut differently than our clothing is today.If you are really trying to be accurate, you would need to be a good pattern drafter and seamstress. You’d need to find a scaled pattern in a magazine like Godey’s Lady’s Book or a woman’s pattern in something like The Cut of Women’s Clothes and then be able to resize it to fit your doll and then be able to finish it without instructions. This can be challenging even for an adult, but it’s possible.Either one, here are a few tips: Avoid most modern nylon lace: it looks tacky. Lace was expensive during most of the 19th century because it had to be made by hand using bobbins and a pillow, and before the 1890s you don’t see much of it on every-day wear. Use self-trims: ruffles, bias-bindings, eyelet embroidery, soutache braid, etc. Crocheted, tatted, or knitted lace is good. Try to find buttons that don’t look too modern; if you HAVE to use velcro or zippers be sure they’re hidden. You can use plain or calico-print cottons or fine wool for “plain dresses” and use synthetic taffeta (few of us can afford real silk) for “fancier dresses.”Space is limited here. If you need more advice, then email me and I’ll give you more instructions how to make a simple skirt without a pattern and try to find some safe sites with pictures of 19th century children’s clothing.

Any ideas on how to make cheap and very easy clothing for an american girl doll.

I really want clothing to put on my american girl dolls……but the american girl company charges like 28.00 for a cute little outfit….how could i make an inexpensive outfit for my american girl dolls?

I love finding cheaper ways for AG clothing. Here are some ideas:*Many craft fairs have doll clothes.*Some stores, such as Target have their own line of 18 inch dolls. Clothing from those line often fit AG.*Buy a few outfits from american girl so that you have some good basics to have on hand. I found over six years that usually the best shoes for AG dolls are from AG. It’s okay to splurge once in a while.*Buy AG doll clothes when they are on sale. It’s a great way to get a deal.*Many craft stores have an aisle or two dedicated to dolls and bears. Check out those aisles and you might find some cute outfits and/or separates. Remember, if you don’t want a plain t-shirt, you could always decorate it some how.*Sew!!! Buy a doll clothing sewing book. (I think it is cheaper than buying multiple patterns in the end.) Start out easy and eventually move up in level. Buy cloth at discount whenever possible. Learning to sew can be beneficial in many ways, not just for doll clothes. Here is a link to the doll clothe making book that I have:…I gave you the link to amazon but this book can be found at many craft stores. You can also search online for free down loadable patterns for clothing.* When you buy clothes for your dolls, try getting some pices that are basic and will go with other outfits. That way you can mix and match for even more possibilities!

how to make items for american girl dolls.

please include like where to cut where to fold and the exact lengths it has to be … thank you in advance

You can make food out of Sculpey clay, its a little messy but fun.The first six girls had craft books that have some things you can make for them, like rugs and pillows. You can find them in most libraries.Its not hard to print out small copies of book covers and glue them onto small notebooks, or sew in your own pages.Google is your friend. Search “American Girl doll crafts” and it should give you a very large amount of things to make.

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  1. “american girl dolls”…. what? You have to give a brand since all dolls have different sizes and porportions

  2. Target carries a brand of clothes that will fit them, it’s called Our Generation and its lots cheaper. Also I’ve found some cheap doll clothes at Michaels craft store. I have gotten some good deals on ebay as well. Then I got a pattern at walmart and a friend of mine has been sewing tons of clothes for us. Some of those don’t fit the AG doll so be careful with those patterns. I have to put those clothes on a fakie doll that we have.

  3. Get a notebook, and a pen, and list some ideas and jot down notes about a video you might want to make when an idea comes to you.

  4. I think it is a cool idea, but the toys are ridiculously expensive. I am looking for the books for my daughter because I think it is neat to explore the history. Just no dolls unless someone gives them to her or we find them at the thrift store.

  5. There are tons of “How to” videos on this you can make on YouTube! Just search “American Girl Doll crafts”. You can also go to this link: can put a variety of beads into a small container for each girl. Something like a little tin bucket that you could take a paint pen and personalize by writing each girl’s name on the bucket, or use letter stickers.

  6. Here i found some stuff u might want to look at. u can also check “related videos”You could get some fabric from walmart….. Then you could make her all kinds of things like cloths, PJ’s, pillows, blankets, and much more! TRUST ME. I have done this a lot for my stuffed dog [lol] and it really works. Also, you could make some things for her with playdogh! It really works!

  7. I think the jewelry is a great idea since it’s not as messy as some other crafts, especially if you have the spa activity and food, cake and presents to deal with also.

  8. [/DELDUP]Pretend they are in school. You can teach them, go out for recess with them, and eat lunch with them. Another idea is to put on a fashion show. Dress up the doll and do their hair. Then get music and have them walk down the runway. Enjoy!

  9. I use either solid color fabric and lots of lace and bows, or fabric that would be like curtains, and pleat it near the chest of the doll.

  10. If you mean things along the lines of dresses, hats, etc then there are plenty of things yoiu can use. Everyone I’m sure has old sheets that they no longer use. You can take those sheets and create pretty much anything for your doll. Household things like cotton, safety pins, fabrics, PAPER lol, many of those things can be used especially with a good imagination. Hope I helped

  11. another thing: i used to love making stuff for my dolls out of clay:) i made dishes and food and sporting equiptment.. loads of stuff. try it!You can go to the craft store and buy large bags of assorted beads and something to string them on.American Girl Dolls Videos

  12. Any jewel-tone fabrics. You’ll definitely need tulle to add some flounce to the skirt/ dress, Victorian era fashion for women was luxurious, and extravagant. You’ll also need a lot of embellishments, such as fine cotton lace, trims, etc.

  13. I like long skirts, because alot of people like short ones probably. Not a nice set of legs isnt nice to see, I just have prefered just a little mystery always

  14. You could also buy alphabet beads and each girl could make a bracelet spelling out their doll’s name.iuytrewaszxcvbnkl

  15. they have tons of cute fabric that is cheap! and the patterns are pretty easy! i just had my mom help me on some, but i ended up making blankets, pillows, hoodies, pj’s, slippers, skirts, tank tops, and lots more.that is about the technologies particularly those days. there is the Nintendo DS which has been on the pass a pair of years now yet no youngster ought to assert no to. in case you’ve were given more advantageous funds then the PS3 or Xbox 360 ought to also pass down a take care of. those instantaneous Rabbit formed issues Nabaztag or something from computing gadget international are also slightly bit a craze.

  16. Pretend they are celebrities and there is lots of drama around. please tell me if you pick that! Oh and can you Involve Miley Cyrus but no bad things or else! PLEASE ADD ME AS BEST!

  17. Mix rubbing alcohol and gasoline together. Put the dolls in the mixture. Light a match. Throw the match in and run for your life.Oh I loved those dolls when I was little. The most fun part of them for me was looking at all the accessories. I would wait until she is a little older to get her a bitty baby, maybe when you are pregnant with your second child. Use it to explain what is growing in Mommy’s tummy. Definitely give her your dolls when she gets to be old enough for them. She will love them.

  18. Make a TV show! You can get new episodes every now and then, and it can be a comedy, soap opera, a detective show, or whatever else you want. Have fun!

  19. Be creative, come up with some ideas on your own.It means the most expensive piece of junk i ever bought!!!!! almost 100 dollars i mean come on!!!! And you can buy dolls for your dolls??wtf

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