How To Download Books On Android Phone

50 shades freed.. e. l. james.

I am really wanting to read.the 50 shades freed book. I am trying to download it on my phone. I have an Android. Does anyone know where or how to download this

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How does kindle work if downloaded on ipad.


The kindle app on the iphone, android phone, PC, mac, etc works like the actual kindle device. It connects to your account. If you have an account, simply use it to log into it on the Kindle app on your ipad..Doing so will allow you to buy and read books from your ipad.If you buy a kindle, the books are stored in Amazon’s cloud service so you can transfer them later.Even though the book is free, you still ‘purchase’ it and check out like any other paid for book.

Pokemon books for free

I bought a book on Google Play, how do I put it on my phone.

I just bought a book on Google Play and I would like to put it on my phone so I can read it wherever I want. How do I get it from Google Play onto my computer and phone?

1) Go to the Google Play Store (Android) / App Store (iPhone) on your phone2) Download the Google Play Books app ( If your phone does not already have it, if it does just click open)3) Launch the app, sign into you Google Account (same gmail you used when you purchased the book)4) Sync, and your book should appear, click on it.5) Have fun reading 🙂

Is it possible to download or (copy) a book onto your android phone.

Like if I have a paper back book in real life, but I want to read it on my phone can I some how get the book onto my android phone? Without buying it again in the play store. Is this possible?

Capture it and save it as image on your phone..simple

how do i get books i downloaded on my kindle android app onto my kindle.

downloaded some kindle books onto the kindle app on my android phone but when i turn on my kindle, those books are not on my kindle. but the books i bought on my kindle are on my phone. i tried to download the books again (as they were free) on my kindle but amazon said that i already owned them. how do i sync my…

Rose is correct. If you happen to have a Kindle Fire, click on the Books tab. All your books, downloaded or not downloaded, will show up there. Press on the book to download it.

How do I get a .pdf ebook from computer to Kindle on Android phone.

I downloaded a .pdf ebook from a torrent site, and downloaded the book to my computer. Now how to I get the ebook to the Kindle application on my Android phone?

Put it on your SD card in the kindle folder and then open it with kindle app.Also, you can download Adobe PDF reader from market too 🙂

Borders books on Android phone — transfer to Android tablet.

I have several books I purchased from Borders and downloaded to my Android phone before they closed. Is there any way to transfer them to my newly purchased Android tablet (OS 2.2)?

Here is a link that should solve your problem:…

how can I download books for free on play books on android.

Would be good if the answer is given by steps

Now, to download books for free i suggest the best is to pull a torrent through (i hope u know how to use a utorrent which also available in androids for free in google playstore). and download a reliable reader app for eg. cool reader (available for free in google play). Use it to open the book file from your SD card or phone or whatever. And enjoy the reading. 100% working and reliable.

How do I transfer kindle books to android phone.

I have a bunch of books and articles on Kindle for PC (the free Amazon reader download) and I have the kindle reader (again free amazon download) on my android phone. How do I get the books from my PC kindle library onto my android library?

Just get the Kindle reading app on your Android device. Then register it to your Amazon account, and you’ll see all your Kindle books. Here you can find everything you need to know, about the Kindle reading apps on Android:…

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  1. Kindle books from Amazon are in a exact proprietary format and you can transfer books to your different digital contraptions, desktops, sensible phones etc. That have have the free kindle app and are registered to your kindle account. They will now not work on different e-readers. Different e-readers handle different codecs like pdf or mobi. It looks as if the Kindle fireplace will manage all kinds of formats. I am waiting to peer the reviews from “actual world” users

  2. i have that same app on my iphone4s too. i go on and type in the book that i want. then i click on the kindle version and when it asks me where to send it, i say my iphone4s. if that doesn’t work, buy the book on your kindle and then on your ipad go to the bottom of the screen and click cloud. this will show you all of the books you bought.

  3. better watch a movie,than read a book.Of course,it is much easier to get a much better picture by watching the action(images),then looking at each one of these expressed words.

  4. You should use the Kindle eReader on your Android device to download archived items. Here you can find the detailed steps:

  5. Assuming the Kindle app is registered, you will could desire to be waiting to it up and choose on Cloud to look your finished purchases. Then faucet the instruction manual you’re able to be able to desire to acquire. Edit – are trying manually sending them from the server ingredient in case you may’t pull them down from the iPad. pass to Amazon, log in and prefer handle Your Kindle. this could take you to a information superhighway website alongside including your purchases. next to each and each is an action button. There are a pair of strikes, alongside with sending the e book to particular gadgets. %. your iPad. Then turn the iPad on, connect with wifi and start up the Kindle app and word if it downloads. If now no longer, are trying uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

  6. Get the kindle app for android and sign in it. probably, you have a kindle account on amazon. bypass on “take care of my kindle” on amazon, %. the e book, click “different innovations” and then “furnish to my android”. that may not be precisely it, even though it extremely is incredibly close. you’re waiting to basically get it interior the direction of the app. I even have apple stuff yet i are turning out to be books dropped at my mac and workstation.

  7. You just sign into your kindle account on your android and they should all be in all items when you log in on your phone

  8. There should be an Archived Items folder on the Kindle, which has everything you’ve bought but not downloaded. Go there and you should be able to download the books. You can also go to Amazon and Manage My Kindle (at the bottom) and sign in. Go to Books, and it should list all of the books you’ve obtained through Amazon. There’s a button to the right that says Actions, and one action is to send the book to a specific device.

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