How To Dispose Of Used Books

how do you dispose of old gas.

I have about 15 gallos of gas that has been sitting in my boat for about two years. I need to get rid of it and put clean gas in but am not sure how to get rid of it short of dumping it in the woods. Anyone have any suggestions.thanks in advance

yes gasoline does lose its octane, you need to bring it to an environmental recycler. should be advertised in your phone book. same as dumping old paint, used oil, etc………

How do you properly dispose of old laptops.

I have a useless old dell laptop and I was wondering how to get rid of it. Should it be put in the garbage, recycled….are there specific places that will take them? Thanks!

It depends what you used it for; Even wiping the HD will not stop someone with the right Equipment from retrieving old info. A.K.A. bank acc. data , passwords , etc.So if you get rid of it demagnetize the H.D. or if you give it to someone, be sure to keep track of where it ends up.Personally I’m using mine to wright a book on paranoia.LOL Good amharic books

How assets are disposed off.

Whenever you get rid of an asset — you dispose it. You can sell it, you can throw away, you can recycle it you can donate it. Depending on what that asset is. Any time the asset is no longer used in business it is disposed of. For bookkeeping purposes, you may record whatever you did to it.I am not sure how deep the question is, do you want to know how to record it on books, or just understand what “dispose of assets” is?

how do you dispose of a checkbook.

i just finished my first check book, after more than a year! but i have the kind were you keep a carbon copy. i know i shouldnt just toss it int the trash with all my info on there. so what do i do, burn it?

Shred it.I recommend that you consider using online banking as well as having a checkbook for occasional purchases. It will save much postage. I even use it to pay individual people if I am not taking possession of merchandise on the spot.

How should I dispose of my old mac battery.

Hi, I was just wondering how I should dispose of my used lithium mac book battery? I imagine I shouldn’t be throwing it in the trash? Please let me know, thanks!

Once or twice a year there are collections for hazardous materials. If the next collection isn’t coming up soon, take it to the Apple store and they will recycle it properly.…

How do you dispose of an old used thermostat.

Is it hazardous?

Most older thermostats contain liquid mercury. If you open yours up and you see a little glass tube filled with a silver liquid, this is the case. Call your local waste disposal/management authorities. They should be listed in your phone book, and will be able to tell you where to dispose of hazardous wastes in your community – most often at a collection center at your local landfill.

Survey: How would you dispose of a dead body.

Hypothetically speaking of course.

There is a pit of water near by that has the pH of quick lime that digests bodies pretty quickly.Not that I know :)Read that in a history book – its how the purple gang used to get rid of bodies

How to appropriately, and with care, dispose of religious materials.

Aunt Terri’s little New Testament awarded at her confirmation, 1938?The cross that was placed in Uncle Tony’s coffin?The prayer book in Hungarian brought over by Uncle Gabe’s mother?The crucifix that was given to my grandchild by her deadbeat father?The broken rosary bead chain that was stashed…

Dispose of them like you would anything else. An object only has whatever value or power that you give it. If you consider it garbage then treat it like garbage.But you can always donate them to the Salvation Army, Deseret, or a local shelter. Any shelter would be happy to get them, and they would be used.

How do I dispose of mercury.

I accidentally broke a thermometer and it leaked a few drops of mercury. I was sitting in a leather chair and a few are stuck in the seams of the chair, but still visible. How am I supposed to get it out and dispose of it?

Look for chemical disposal in the phone book!Mercury is commonly used in the home in some over-the-counter thermometers, thermostats, and in fluorescent light bulbs. The question often arises, “If there is an accidental spill of mercury in my home, how do I dispose it?” There are safe practices that can be utilized while handling and disposing of small amounts (less than I teaspoon) of liquid mercury. Larger amounts require professional assistance. Do not hesitate to call for assistance in handling liquid mercury spills. Large spills or spills of mercury compounds can be life threatening and should be handled by professionals.Mercury is the only common metal that is liquid at room temperature. It appears to be liquid silver. It will roll around like beads of silvery white waterWarning: Mercury is a virulent poison. Short-term or long-term exposures to mercury can lead to serious health problems, including death. Human exposure to mercury occurs primarily from breathing contaminated air. Mercury is also readily absorbed though the gastrointestinal tract and through the skin. Even though symptoms do not appear, serious damage can be done to the human body. Never use a vacuum cleaner to clean up a mercury spill. Children and pregnant women should not be exposed to mercury. In the case of a large spill, all occupants should evacuate the area.Handling. If mercury escapes into the environment, evacuate children and pregnant women. Remove all jewelry, especially gold. Handle the mercury carefully. Wear rubber gloves and scoop it onto a sheet of paper or suck it up with an eyedropper. Place the mercury in a medicine vial or similar airtight container. The scoop, paper or eyedropper should also be bagged and disposed properly according to guidance provided by environmental officials or your local health department. Ventilate the room to the outside and close off the rest of the home. Use fans for a minimum of one hour to speed the ventilation. Do not simply throw the mercury away. Seek professional guidance from local recycling, solid waste or hazardous waste agencies. Large retailers and building centers may accept glass-encapsulated mercury, as in thermostats, for recycling.Keep any objects containing mercury out of the reach of children. Children found to be playing with liquid mercury or broken fluorescent lamps should be referred to a physician or poison control center immediately. Mercury contaminated gold jewelry must be taken to a jeweler to have them professionally cleaned. While handling mercury, or any other hazardous substance, one should always wear protective gloves. If mercury contacts with the skin, wash the area(s) thoroughly and immediately with soap and warm water. If you believe that you have absorbed mercury though your skin or inhaled mercury vapors, you should contact your physician or poison control center immediately.

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  1. If u go as per me then i would prefer that we must stop throwing all these religious materials in the rivers as throwing all these in rivers pollutes them and makes it unfit for use. For religious purposes only people go to bath in the rivers but due pollution the carry a lot of diseases home from the rivers.throwing religious materials in rivers must be banned as this provides a reason to the fellows who throw a lot of synthetic, unbiodegradabe and impure materials in the river and they escape taking the help of relogious materials.

  2. Read thisWell, you would be risking getting mercury poisoning if you don’t do anything. Even a small amount will be dangerous in a poorly ventilated area. So what I would say is, call someone definitely. If you can get all of the drops out, honestly, you will be just fine, just make sure you wash it. I understand you don’t want to get in trouble, but balancing death and trouble, I would say go with the trouble. If it is one of those silver thermometers, then it is a real problem. If it is one of the read or colored ones, that is just alcohol, and it will vaporize. Nothing to worry about if that is the case. Good luck. Be smart.

  3. You either make a garage sale, sell them on Ebay, or simply put it all on a box and drop it somewhere (a church, a charity, whatever).People who do not know what they are talking about should not answer. Gas does go bad. Contact your local landfill or auto supply for info. Never dump oil, gas, or any other caustic fluids in the ground, they contaminate the water supply

  4. Please don’t discard these items. Ask around, see who wants them… If no one comes forward, place them in a box and tuck them away. Eventually, they will find the person who was meant to own them.

  5. If it’s an older type with a mercury switch, mail it to Congress and ask them to dispose of it along with all of the CFL light bulbs they’ve mandated we start to use.

  6. Aunt Terri’s little New Testament is a family heirloom.Surely there is someone who would love to have this.Not religious, but why dispose of these items?Ebay. Call the rosary bead chain haunted, it’ll sell better.

  7. You can check with your local recycling program. Certain states have laws with certain components of computers that requires you to properly dispose your equipment. Some states doesn’t and you can throw it out in the garbage. Laptop batteries and CRT Monitors for an example need to be dispose of properly due to the materials it’s made of. My suggestion is if it’s in good working condition you can donate it to your local salvation army or charity.

  8. As with any financial information, it is a really good idea to shred all documents using a cross-cut shredder so that you are not a possible victim of identity theft. Many office supply stores and general merchandise stores such as Target and Wal-Mart sell fairly inexpensive shredders. Guard against identity theft, it is a real problem.

  9. Now with all this Identity theft happening . I bought a cheap shredder and I shred everything that has important info. If you can’t afford to buy one maybe you can use the one at work or a friends.

  10. Hi, I was just wondering how I should dispose of my used lithium mac book battery? I imagine I shouldn’t be throwing it in the trash? Please let me know, thanks!

  11. Or you can call 1-800-8BATTERY to find a location near you – I just tried it for my zip code, and a lot of the nearby places were Radio Shacks. So you might start there.

  12. yeah just take it to a electronic store im sure they will buy it just for the parts so u cud make money out of it maybe?

  13. The same would hold true with the other items — especially your granddaughter’s crucifix. Take it from me, my children have received only one item from their father. Although they have placed it aside, I’ve kept it safe because someday it will mean something to them.

  14. This Site Might Help You.I would look up local electronics recycling centers in your area, its pretty affordable and much better for the environment..

  15. The cross that was placed in Uncle Tony’s coffin should be given to whomever was closest Uncle Tony.1

  16. As far as I know, gas does not go bad. You can still pour it into the tank and the engine will run. If you really feel the need to dispose of it, find an auto waste disposal site where they take oil and oil filters and car parts, like Auto Zone or Napa.

  17. Toss them in the dumpster with the rest of the trash. They have no sacred power. Why should you care about how to dispose of them? The things people worship while denying they are worshiping them.

  18. Um well, the Asian guy from the Series, HEROES just started a foundation where you send a lap-top to an under-privileged child and then the foundation sends YOU one…Isn’t that great?

  19. 2. Sell it a computer “junk yard” store; its still good as parts.I think you can take it to a place like Bestbuy and they have this bin you can put it in and they’ll dispose of it.

  20. several options. you can write them off and discard them, sell them, or trade them in on something else. the accounting is different for each situation.

  21. Apple’s website says that you can recycle laptop batteries at any of their retail locations.1. Donate to your local school district, library, etc. even if its not working.3. Give to somebody needy.if it doesnt work, send it to whatever company it is. maybe best buy will take them, im not sure. but make sure it doesnt work first. if it works, give it to someone who is needy, and someone who cant afford their own. hope this helps/

  22. I’m not that religious and I tend to live like the devil, but I’d feel realy bad disposing of any of that stuff. I’d just deal with having one extra box around somewhere or pass some of it down to my nephew who tends to pick up my bad habits too much and not enough of anything good even though I try

  23. Dude….its a freakin TOXIC HEAVY METAL. There are policies about disposing of this stuff. You need to contact your local HAZMAT department of your city and ask them what the regulations are FOR YOUR AREA. These are not one size fits all procedures….at least they’re not supposed to be.

  24. If it has a mercury bulb you could cut the bi-metal that holds the bulb and save the mercury switch for proper disposal and the rest can be thrown in the trash.

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