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i was wondering if there was a way to arrange my ‘bookshelf’ on Shelfari??i didnt look up series in order.. stupid me & had to delete all that i had saved.. I also have to make sure to look up the latest book first to be ordered b/c it does it backwards!although..this is pointless if another book…

Like everyone said, you can look at them by sorting them into authors, titles, date added, date read, and something else I can’t remember. You can also sort them into categories like what you’ve read and what you plan to read, and what you’re reading now. I really don’t know how you would sort them by tag, but you can always put the date of when you read a book. When you sort it by date read, that way, they will come up as the order you read them. Hope that helped!

A computer science professor has eleven different programming books on a bookshelf..

A computer science professor has eleven different programming books on a bookshelf. Five ofthe books deal with the programming language C++, the other six with LISP. In how manyways can the professor arrange these books on the shelf(a) if there are no restrictions?(b) if all the C++ books must be next to each…

a) No restrictions – therefore as there are 11 different books there are 11! ways to arrange themThe first can be any of 11The second can be any of 10 (one already first)The third can be any of 9 (two already first and second)and so on11 * 10 * 9 * 8 * 7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 = 11! = 39,916,800b) Imagine that you tie a string around the C++ books and they become one “fat” book.Therefore you now have 6 Lisp + 1 fat book = 7 books to arrangeThey can be arranged in 7! = 7*6*5*4*3*2*1 = 5040 different waysBut you haven’t finished thereYou now untie the fat book and arrange the 5 titles in 5! ways = 5*4*3*2*1 = 120 ways for each of the 5040 different positions that you inserted the “fat” bookAnswer = 7! * 5! = 5040 * 120 = 604,800c) The C ++ books can be arranged in 5! = 120 waysThe LISP books can be arranged in 6! = 6*5*4*3*2*1 = 720 waysThen you can either have C++ then LISP – OR LISP then C++ = 2 ways120 * 720 * 2 = 172,800d) If the languages should alternate it means that the order has to beLCLCLCLCLCLThere are 6! ways to order the LISP books = 720There are 5! ways to order the C++ books = 120There is only one way to order them alternately, (you cannot start with a C++)720 * 120 * 1 = 86400EXTRAWith two identical C++ books, simply divide all the answers by two as each permutation will have an identical one where you simply swop over one book for the other.If all the LISP books are identical and all the C++ are identicalDivide by 6! in respect of the LISP books and divide by 5! in respect of the C++ books where applicablea) 11! / (6! * 5!) = 462b) 7! * 5! calculated in part b) divided by (6! * 5!) =7! * 5! / (6! * 5!) =7 ie There are 7 locations for the group to be placed, which are in front of each of the 6 LISP books in turn or after the 6th and last one.c) 2, ie just divide answer c) ie 2 * 6! * 5! by (6! * 5!) = 2d) 1, ie just divide 1 * 6! * 5! by (6! * 5!) = 1

Urban book authors

homework help…

its me again! hahawhat is the answer to this sara wants to arrange 40 books on her bookshelves in equal groups. How many ways can she do this?thanks in advance

anything divisible from 401, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 20, 408 different ways

Have you ever gotten urgent diarrhea in situations that aren’t that easy to get out of immediately.

Like talking to someone on the phone, or standing on a ladder while cleaning and arranging books on a bookshelf. What did you do first? How did you manage to reach the toilet?

Never thought of Diarrhoea as urgent ?What happens, happens. If you don’t make it to the toilet don’t worry, a simple apology and a trip to the dry cleaners and all is well in the world again !

How many ways can 3 novels, 2 math books, and 1 chemistry book be arranged on a bookshelf.

b) assume the math books must be together and the novels togetherc) the novels must be together but the other books can be arranged in any order.

If the math books and novels must be together, then there are 3 ‘groups’ of books and they can be arranged in 3! = 6 ways.Within each grouping, the math books can be organized in 2! = 2 ways and the novels in 3! = 6 ways. Therefore the total number of ways they can be arranged is 6*2*6 = 72 ways.If only the novels must be together, then there are 4 groups and they can be arranged in 4! = 24 ways. The group of the novels can still be arranged in 3! = 6 ways so the total number of ways the books can be arranged is 6*24 = 144 ways.As an aside, if none of the books must be grouped together, there are 6! = 720 ways to arrange them.Doug

Permutation (math Problem) please help.

How many ways can you arrange six books on a bookshelf?

Hello!If you want to know how to arrange 6 books on a bookshelf:We use the factorial notation:6!6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x1=720There are 720 ways to arrange six books on a bookshelf!Hope this helps!Sincerely,Mr.Math

B&A: How to arrange my bookshelf + book suggestions.

So earlier today, I decided I wanted to move my room around and everything. I say move it around, more like tidy it up, sort it out and throw away things I don’t want. I don’t have a bookshelf or anything because my room is the typical boxroom and it’s absolutely tiny. I’ve had to compromise and…

I love organizing, despite being a disoriented, wayward and intrinsically untidy person.You could have it organized — Alphabetically: You can do it like the libraries do and alphabetize by the author’s last name (e.g. Austen, Brown, Christie, etc.) or you can be a little daring and alphabetize by title (e.g. Da Vinci Code, Emma, Murder on the Orient Express, Pride & Prejudice).- by Genre: Your library might include Graphic Novels, Science Fiction, Crocheting, Werewolves, or whatever it is you’re interested in. Breaking things into genres can be tricky — why should Mystery be separate from Fiction, for example? — but as long as the categories make sense to you, the system will work.- Colour-coded: You can arrange them chromatically across a whole bookshelf or arrange them in color blocks. And you can have shelves where you alternate chunks of black and white so it looks like stripes. Or, if you’re looking for something more eclectic and creative, arrange your books into patterns, like flag colours!- Autobiographically: Meaning, in the order which you found/bought/received each one. If you can still remember. It might be difficult, or borderline-impossible. “Oh! Macbeth … this is junior year of high school! The Chronicles of Narnia … huh, did I buy this before I bought Through the Looking Glass?”- Chronologically: If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, take a scan over the first few pages, and sort them by publication date.- Size: The ever-common tallest-to-smallest or smallest-to-tallest debate. Quite a spectacle when complete, but I’ve always found this system nearly impossible to maintain. Then again, I think I’m challenged when it comes to self-organization.- Stacks: Many people aren’t aware this method is physically better for the books, so it’s something to consider seriously if you have any old or rare books.As for recommendations, I wonder if you’d like someone like Lisa See. She wrote one of my favourite books entitled PEONY IN LOVE. It reminded me the slightest bit of TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE, so I thought I’d just mention it for you. If you liked HIS DARK MATERIALS, I strongly recommend you check out the SALLY LOCKHART series by Pullman, as well. They were the first books I read from him, and I liked them even more than Lyra’s tales. There’s a book called MY NAME IS MEMORY, very much like TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE in that it revolves around themes of love lasting through time. In something that’s more of the HARRY POTTER genre, Cornelia Funke’s INKHEART trilogy is quite a read, despite being for children, as well as her stand-alone novel THE THIEF LORD. I really liked ANGELS AND DEMONS too, so I’d highly advise you to look for Steig Larsson’s MILLENIUM trilogy. While we’re in the mystery genre, Ann Cleeves has a Jimmy Perez series with the first novel entitled RAVEN BLACK, and Sam Hayes impressed me with SOMEONE ELSE’S SON. On a less action-packed note, MY SISTER’S KEEPER was an extremely touching read.All the best with your organizing, reading,and writing! (:

How many ways are there to arrange 6 books on a bookshelf if the dictionary, one of the books, must be last.

the dictionary must be lastif there are 6 books6-1=5, therefore there are5 choices for the frst book4 choices for the second3 choices for the 3rd2 choices for the 4th1 choice for the 5th1 choice for the 6th, the dictionary5*4*3*2*1*1=5*4*3*2*1=5!=120 possibilities

Weird question. How should i arrange the books on my bookshelf.

yeah well i just got 2 new manga and i don’t like the way my bookshelf looks. i don’t know if i should put my mangas in alphabetical order before my other books of what. can someone help me? these are the books i have and the order they’re in:Naruto anime profile books episodes…

I have a large collection of manga. Personally, I arrange them by publisher, such as:- GoComi- ADV- VIZ (here are the sub-publishers from VIZ):- Shonen Sunday- Shojo Beat- Shonen Jump- Viz Media- Viz Shojo- Seven Seas- Tokyopop- DelRey* I put my art books and profile books before my whole collection. I suggest you put them before or after your whole collection. I stack my light novels on top of my manga volumes regardless.Usually, manga of the same publisher are the same size, so they look good together. For example, GoComi volumes are slightly larger than Shojo Beat volumes, and Shonen Sunday volumes are slightly smaller than Viz Media volumes. The same publishers also tend to have similar styles on the spine.I ran out of space on my shelf (it spans the length of my closet), so I began stacking surplus volumes upright on top of eachother.

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  1. In mathematics, the factorial of a positive integer n, denoted by n!, is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to n.

  2. You could arrange your books by the time era they were written in. or you could sort them by author, if you want it more practical. i’d also suggest buying more shelves because it doesn’t really work by having books in a box because then you have to dig them out if they’re ont he bottom and it makes a mess. maybe think about what stands out to you about a book (genre, theme, etc.) and organize them by that.bleach 17-26

  3. There are 6 choices for the first book. 5 for the second, 4 for the third, 3 for the fourth, 2 for the fifth, and 1 for the last.

  4. HMMMMM……The Hours, One Day, Water for Elephants, Never Let Me Go, Slaughterhouse-five, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Fever Series, World War Z…..can you believe that most of those are movies or being made into movies? That’s crazy.

  5. Trinity Blood: Rage against the moons vol. 1-3when you are watching a tv set or movie it is very easy to get distracted and multi task, where reading a book, it includes your full attention usually!

  6. Books increase your sentence structure, reading level, spelling, vocabulary, and generally tend to be more educational than T.V.

  7. if you ever buy dvd’s and want them on your shelf then put the dvd’s absolutly first, and if you ever get manga’s that seem larger than others then those should go right after the dvd’s.

  8. on your calculator (i’m assuming you have a TI-80 4 like maximum Algebra scholars), type a three, then hit the mathematics button, scroll to the properly suited till you get danger, then opt for the ‘!’ on that checklist. Then press the – key and type a million and then do yet another ! and press enter. you need to comprehend a thank you to apply the calculator already, so format it like this: (3!) – (a million!) you additionally can resolve it devoid of the calculator via doing this: 3*2*a million=6 Minus a million*a million=a million Your answer ought to finally end up being: 5

  9. Since it is permutation, the answer is 6! or 720.if ur asking how many different ways than only one but if ur asking besides the dictionary there would be 5 ways different besides the dictionary

  10. Put the manga on the middle shelf put ur fav manga in the middle and going outward least fav of them and have the diffrent manga arranged in order of volume. not enough room then put some manga in the 4 corners of bookshelf

  11. So if you divide 40 by 2 you have 2 equal groups of 20. If you divide 40 by 4 you have 4 equal groups of 10 and so on. There are 6 ways for Sara to divide her books in equal groups.

  12. i don’t think it is a weird question at all. it is sorta interesting. you should go in alphabetical order with manga’s first on the top shelf. go from left to right with:alot of differents way

  13. If there are six books, A B C D E and F, the first spot on the shelf can have 6 possibilities, the second spot can have 5 because one book is already on the shelf and so on until the last spot can only have one book.

  14. You do this problem by finding all the divisors of 40. For example, 40/2 = 20. Here are all the divisors, and dividing 40 by each of these gives you equal groups:for example five groups of eight

  15. black buttler 1Tell me about it. Had one too many of those moments. And believe me, you don’t want to hear the ‘messy’ details.

  16. You have 2 rows of 20 books.There are several different ways you can sort your shelves on Shelfari: by Custom, Date Added, Date Read, Rating, Review, Author and Title. Just go to any shelf and click on the arrow next to the box at the top of the shelf, the one next to the words “Sort by”, and select which option you want to use to arrange your books.

  17. Use your tags wisely- entering custom tags on Shelfari books helps you quickly reference subjects. For example, if I have the tag “Earth’s Children Series”, I can put all the books in one series under that tag.

  18. Well, My dad put selves on the wall. Just a piece of wood and those “L” shaped things to hold it up. He bought me a new book shelf for my b-day 🙂

  19. purely about all those issues i’ve got performed – Gabrielle Zevin conflict Royale – Koushun Takami Birthmarked – Caragh O’Brien Feed – Anderson life As We Knew It – Susan Beth Pfeffer Matched – best buddy Condie Noughts & Crosses – Malorie Blackman Shatter Me – Tahereh Mafi The Bar Code Tattoo – Suzanne Weyn version – Robison Wells

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