How Much Do Audible Books Cost

Is there something wrong with my instrument.

Hi! I’ve had slight problems with my flute. For some reason, when I play and F or a G, there’s a small buzz sound. For instance, if I switch from D to F, I can hear a little buzzing sound. I’m not sure if anything is wrong with my flute. The same thing happened about a month ago but ceased. Now it seems…

I strongly suggest that you go to the yahoo group “fluteadvice” and join it. Then look theMarch posts/answers for “whistle tones”. Also, you will see it is a very welcoming and honestgroup that will give you amazing answers for these problems. I joined it in January and I am justso happy with it and it has helped me a great deal with my playing and with my knowledge of theflute itself.It sounds like a moisture buble under one or two pads. Be sure to clean it properly.In Karen Evans Moratz book “Flute for Dummies” and excellent and inexpensive large paperbackthere are great sections on maintenance and repair. If yo need a clean oit and adjust it could costyou a hunder or two depending on who gets to do it. Shop around. Ask your flute teacher if you have one.If not, find a good reputable shop. But actually, I would go to fluteadvice and also tell the group thebrand and model of the flute and how long it has een since you had it into any repair or clean/oil/adjust…–Barring any further details from you, that is my best advice.IrvinToronto

Has anyone used

is it something you have to download a software for, cause I really don’t want to have to do that. also, how much do books on the site usually cost, cause I don’t think I want to sign up for a monthly plan cause I’m only 15 and don’t have a credit card, plus my dad is paranoid about giving his…

The best way to buy anything on line is through Pay Go there and read the information on the site.They insure that you don’t get screwed and are very good backing up their claims. I’ve used Pay Pal for 6 years or so and have never had a single incident. Read urban fiction books online for free

Is a subscription to audible audio book app worth it.

How much is a monthly subscription? Is it worth the money?

Prices vary depending upon the plan. Basically, you buy credits. Then you trade credits for books. The price of the credits depends upon the plan. The cheapest plan gets you one credit per month, which comes to $14.95 per month. I signed up for the plan where you pay $230 once, for 24 credits, which comes to around $9.50 per credit. Most books cost one credit. Given that they can have a “street price” of $30 or more, this usually works out pretty well. The membership also gives you access to discounts on cash purchases, which can be really great. They also often have sales where you can get two books for one credit, which costs even less.As to whether it’s worth it, that’s up to you. I listen to audiobooks while out walking and hiking, around 2 hours per day. It’s great for me. But it really depends upon how often you’d listen and how many books you can find that you like. I haven’t had any that I would consider actively bad, even after several years. Some are better than others, but I haven’t encountered any duds. If you’re looking for something to occupy you while commuting or on road trips or exercising then I recommend it.My understanding is that they have a free trial. Give that a whirl and judge for yourself. It should show you the special prices for members and you can browse their catalog and see what interests you and how much it would cost with and without membership. They do have audio samples to give you an idea of how the narrator is.

How much do leopard geckos usually cost. and what do i need to take a good care of it.

So i’ve seen some videos of leopard geckos and they look really cute and lovable so i am planning to buy one can anyone tell me if they have any harmful facts too?

Other poster is WRONG!!! Leopard geckos do NOT need UV, they are best not kept in pairs, especially by novice reptile keepers, and its more important to gutload food than dust it.You need to buy a book on this subject, its not as easy as learning from yahoo answers it is MUCH more complex. Here are some basics:They require two viviariums, one when they are small one when they grow up. A large flat faunarium will be fine when they are little, adulttank should be at least 30 inches long, preferably 3ft.They require supplemental heating, either a heat mat and/or a bulb…normal incandescant lightbulbs are fine. You will need a fixture for these, and thermostats are VITAL, not using a thermostat can kill your lizard. All heating should be on one side of the tank so the lizard can move if it gets too warm or cold/You will need at least two hides, one in each end of the vivarium, hot and cold, and a variety of decor for the gecko to hide behind and climb on.They should eat crickets, locusts, cockroaches, butterworms and silkworms (at least 2 different species, how would you like to eat only one thing for the rest of your life!) often, and can have waxworms and mealworms occasionally. All live food should be no bigger than the space between the eyes, and should be pre-fed for two days with a healthy mixture of food including dog food and greens, or a specific bug food like Bug Grub. It should also be dusted a few times a week with a reptile vitamin supplement. I usually feed my adult female every other day, 5 times a week is good as a baby, 3-4 times is fine for adults. Its best not to leave crickets in the tank with the gecko they can do serious damage to them, especially baby geckos.Vet care for geckos can be expensive, running into the thousands sometimes, its wise to put money away weekly. Signs of ill health are not eating (for a LONG time, more than a week or two, skipping food every now and again is normal) discharge from eyes, nose and mouth, audible breathing or gasping, losing lots of weight. DONT grab a gecko by the tail they can drop them from the body…it will grow back but its never as nice and makes the gecko susceptible to infection.They will require cleaning as they poo, once or twice a week, just scoop up the poo and do a full clean every 3 weeks to a month, disinfecting everything. Replace the substrate when it gets too dirty. Best substrate is probably paper towel or reptile carpet. They require a decent sized water bowl, and when they are shedding an enclosed box filled with moss or wet newspaper sprayed twice daily will help. Make sure they get all of the old skin off as it can cut circulation and make them lose toes and tails.Uk costs are about:Gecko: 30-40 for a normal or albino from a pet shop, less from a breeder. Fancy colours can run into several hundreds.Tank: Faunarium suitable for a year, 15. Full size vivarium about 70.Heating equipment: bulb 2.50 from supermarket, fixture maybe 10-15, heat mat 18 and thermostat 25-45 depending on typehides, water bowl and decor: 10 minimum, up to 30+.Livefood: 2.50 for a tub of crickets, waxworms, mealworms or locusts, roaches, butterworms are usually more.Vet bills:0-1000+Please read more this is just the basics.

What’s the best audiobook reader.

Can the kindle read books without sounding so robotic?How does one download audiobooks and how much does it cost (Depending on the device used)

Don’t know about the Kindle. I subscribe to I believe it’s about $15 per month, but the readers are usually excellent. You can sample about 10 minutes of each book for offers free MP3s of books and poems in the public domain — with a few exceptions (mostly sci-fi), that means written before 1930 or so. However this includes a lot of good works including classics. Since the narrators are volunteers, some are good, and some are awful. You can sample each work before downloading.

Does anybody utilize audiobook websites.

I was wondering if anybody utilized online audiobook websites and how they are? I found a couple online but am wary on which one to use. How much do the books cost? Any other information would be a great help. Thank you.These are the websites I found. www.simplyaudiobooks.comHow about…

I have some Audible books on my Ipod. I purchased them through itunes. The books are of good quality.Limewire is a possibility, but please be aware of spyware or viruses. Always do a check before you install!

How much is the audiobook for the book Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer on itunes.

I want to put it on my ipod so I can just lie in bed and listen to it. Because reading just hurts my eyes especially if i’m rush reading. So if it is even on itunes (which i’m hoping it is) How much does the whole thing cost??

I would definitely use Audible to get a free trial, then you can get 2 audiobooks for free! Much better than spending $30 on iTunes.You can get a free audiobook trial at I checked, they have Eclipse available. Enjoy!

How much does the Kindle cost.

and how does it’s cost compare with that of an iPod Touch?

A new kindle is $114 with advertisements built into it, or $139 without. $189 if you want a kindle with 3G connectivity, letting it download books from anywhere.A new ipod touch costs $229, $299, or $399, depending on storage size. You can get the Kindle app for it to read kindle books on the touch.I own a kindle and an iphone, and I’m sad to say that I don’t use my kindle very much and now most of my books are given to me in audio form (through while I’m at work. The kindle app is usable, but it is weird trying to read a book on those tiny screens, having to flip pages all the time.

How much does it cost to download an audio book.


You can buy them from with different prices for each book/ $7.49. You can look up some books on and download the .flv, then convert to mp3. People are posting audio books with the album cover as a video.

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  1. Audible works extremely well with iPods (speaking from experience), and it will automatically put it into your itunes library for you, so all you have to do is pay and download.

  2. Tank mates: Leopard geckos can only go with other leopard geckos. Other geckos such as crested geckos or African fat tailed geckos require humidity. Not a whole lot for the AFTG but some enough to make a leopard gecko sick. They also can’t go with bearded dragons or something like that. The temps will be incorrect.Decor: You will need 3 hides. Yes, three. You will need one for the warm side one for the cooler and one in the middle. You will need at least 1 of the hides to be a humid hide with moss.How much does the Kindle cost?

  3. Other leopard geckos:Leopard geckos are SOLITARY. They do not need another one. IF you absolutely want two or more. You need to have 10 gallons for each additional one. 10 for 1, 20 for 2, 30 for 3, etc. I highly recommend you start with one and only one. If you want another get another cage. Females can be housed together without huge fights normally. Male with male will fight to the death. Male with female will be stressful for the female.Not safe substrates: Sand, bark, bed-a-beast, gravel, dirt, etc are all unsafe substrate and can lead to the death of your lizard. This includes ALL sands. Not just calcium sand and vitamin sand but all sands. It is not natural and has a high risk of impaction and death. Bark, dirt and bed-a-beast will take all the water and will produce humidity. Leopard geckos are from the desert. All of these can also cause impaction.

  4. Heat: They need a heat source. This can be either a under tank heater or lights. Leopard geckos are nocturnal so they don’t need UV lighting like other reptiles. You can have it though. Lighting will help with the day/night cycle and also help with breeding if you ever want to get into that. They need a warm and col side as well as a middle temperature. 88f as the hot side, mid 70s on the cool side and somewhere in the middle for the middle.I guess reading out loud.

  5. Safe Substrates: Paper towels, newspaper, shelf liner, reptile carpet, astro turf, or slate tiles are fine to use as a substrate. All are safe and will not cause health issues such as impaction.

  6. Screw that 😉 Just use the library. Almost all libraries now offer free eMedia. You need a library card from the physical library, then you sign up online. Overdrive is one of the platforms a lot of libraries use – you can download it free for pretty much any device or use your computer to play it.Of course – this is just a loan and you may have to get on a wait list for the most popular titles. But it’s free, so pretty hard to beat!

  7. This Site Might Help You.Where leopard geckos are from : Leopard geckos are from the middle east around Afghanistan and India. They can also be found in Pakistan. The wild leopard geckos only have spots. Breeders have bred certain traits to get certain colors.

  8. However, if you want to get it for around $8.00, and you have a debit card, I would go to, and sign up for their special. You can get any audiobook (including Eclipse) for that price, and then cancel the service.I don’t know, everything is in pounds here, but it is £19.95 on UK iTunes.

  9. The kindle does do alot less than an iPod touch, but its perfect for the reader on the go with a good size screen.I’ve been told it’s best to get about 2 (or 3) when they are babies, and they are tiny when they are babies! About 3-4cm. A decent tank for them will cost around £70 – £100. Sometimes this will include the UV light etc., I got my tank for £70 it was preened and a UV light and bar light came with it. They’ll cost about £30 – £50 depending on how old they are. You can feed them small meal worms and small crickets for protein but remember to put a tiny pinch of calcium powder in the box/bag of the bugs, so it’ll help your geckos grow healthy. Also, geckos get on well in pairs. Since in every pet shop that sells reptiles I’ve been in there has always been 2 or more geckos in the tank.[DELDUP()]

  10. In the tank you’ll need a bowl of water (low level) about 1cm deep. For the first time when they are babies, use kitchen towel paper for the bottom of the tank. Also keep a shelter for them to go under and on top of.

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