How Many Lemony Snicket Books Are There

what is the book carnvivorous carnaval by lemony snickets about.

okay my teacher gave us 3 weeks do read this book and do 5 projects on itbut the thing is i do not read really fast and i did not have the time, i had sportsother homework and someother things to do. so i need your help!!please!! what isit about?where does the majority of the book take place-city,state,or…

This is the 9th book in the series of The Series of Unfortunate Events. If you have already read 1-8, then you should have a back round on the children’s lives, if not, then your teacher is an idiot making you read the books out of order.So basically it is the Baudelaire children, (Sunny, Klaus, and Violet.) In the previous book the Hostile Hospital they were forced to burn down a hospital and are now on the run. They go to a Carnival where they meet different freaks (like a circus) and they are kept with them. Count Olaf is there and he keeps asking the fortune teller where the children are. (To get there fortune) They do eventually escape the Carnival leading on to the 10th book. (I haven’t read it in like 3 years sorry if this summary sucks..)The setting is at the Carnival no city or state was really specified.Ten Significant parts…. sorry. I don’t remember the book that well. I would still try and read the book because you have 3 weeks, read for 1-2 hours a day and you’ll get it done!! I promise. You have no idea how many times this has happened to me!!

The End. Lemony Snicket…….

This is for those of you who have finished the book. Do the orphans die? I am going to get the book in about a week but I just want to know how it ends.

no, they dont die…but they do get a new edition to the family, and that could not POSSIBLY be the last book b/c there are too many unanswered questions…if it is indeed “THE END” of the series, i MIGHT just get angry…. Read urban fiction books online for free

what are we going to do when lemony snickets books are all fineshed.

i mean,will we just stop?will he write more books? what’s next?

I just don’t see how everything will be resolved in the 13th book. Sure is appropriate to end on that number, isn’t it? There are so many characters that could possibly stand on their own. But it’s probably the style that we’ll miss most. Not sure if Lemony can continue – it’s been a tough haul for him, surely, with all the despair he has faced.

How many book are there in “The series of unfortunate events”.

pls tell me the title of each book.and the author.thank you.

A Series of Unfortunate Events is a children’s book series, written by Daniel Handler under the pseudonym of Lemony Snicket, and illustrated by Brett HelquistBook One-The Bad BeginningBook Two-The Reptile RoomBook Three-The Wide WindowBook Four-The Miserable MillBook Five-The Austere AcademyBook Six-The Ersatz ElevatorBook Seven-The Vile VillageBook Eight-The Hostile HospitalBook Nine-The Carnivourous CarnivalBook Ten-The Slippery SlopeBook Eleven-The Grim GrottoBook Twelve-The Penultimate PerilBook Thirteen-The End (Due out 10/13/2006)

what do you think of……..

what do u think of the book a series of unfortunate events by lemony snicket?and how many book are there?

I really liked them, but I only read the first 10, I think, at least. I just kind of got tired always waiting for the next book, then only getting to read it for a couple days (or a few hours if it was good). I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was the fact that it just felt like it would never end!-I really liked the writing style of Lemony Snicket, it was sarcastic, and almost verged on ironic at points. And he sort of snuck in new vocabulary, and it was awesome! I once heard him explained as a “very extreme C.S. Lewis”, I always kind of agreed, in a way.I mean, with most series you know exactly how long they’re going to be, save a prequel or unexpected sequel, but it just felt like he was dragging it out too much. I really hope it finally ended, maybe if it did I’ll go back and finish it. Last time I checked there were 13.Yep, Wikipedia confirmed there are 13 books, and best of all, it is the end! Whee! Time to go and brush up on the books and finally find out what happens!Cheers! 🙂

the new lemony snicket series that’s coming out this year 2012.

what’s the new lemony snicket series going to be called? how many books are going to be released? and is there going to be any villains in it like there was in a series of unfortunate events?

i heard that there will be four books in the series and it seems to be more about Lemony Snicket’s past/childhood or whatever that happened before the Baudelaire children were born and the story will kinda overlap with SUE. So i guess there will be villains involved.. Nobody knows the title yet except for Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler himself and the publisher.

How many books are in the Unfortunate Events series by Lemony Snicket.

And…in your opinion, which is your favorite?

there are 13 in the story plus extras* Bad Beginning, the (1999)* Reptile Room, the (1999)* Wide Window, the (2000)* Miserable Mill, the (2000)* Austere Academy, the (2000)* Ersatz Elevator, the (2001)* Vile Village, the (2001)* Hostile Hospital, the (2001)* Carnivorous Carnival, the (2002)* Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography (2002)* Slippery Slope, the (2003)* Grim Grotto, the (2004)* Penultimate Peril, the (2005)* End, the (2006)

How many books are there in ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ by Lemony Snicket.

I know there are 13 main books. But also including the others he published that are linked to it e.g. Beatrice’s Letters.Thanks in advancex

didn’t even know they were books! though loved the movie! =D x

How many Lemony Snicket-a series of unfortunate events books are there.

13 Main Books:The Bad BeginningThe Reptile RoomThe Wide WindowThe Miserable MillThe Austere AcademyThe Ersatz ElevatorThe Vile VillageThe Hostile HospitalThe Carniverous CarnivalThe Slippery SlopeThe Grim GrottoThe Penultimate PerilThe EndThen, there are 2 spin-offs published:The Unauthorized AutobiographyThe Beatrice LettersAnd he’s planning rewrites and a 3rd spin-off called “Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can’t Deny”

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  1. * The Ersatz ElevatorThe Ersatz ElevatorThe Slippery Slopehaha, okay, you seriously should do ur hw, or better yet, look the suymmary up on google!

  2. The Reptile Roomthere are 13 in the series but there’s the Beatrice Letters, the unauthorized biography, these are supplementary to the series.

  3. * The Reptile RoomI think there’s like, thirteen or something.RE:no they do not die…but its not a spectacular ending.

  4. Well, it depends on how you look at it. There are thirteen physical books in the “series” – not including two books providing additional information on Lemony Snicket. However, at the end of “The End” there is what appears to be another book, titled “Chapter Fourteen.” I believe this is because he only has 13 chapters in each book, and so had to make another book to give the information contained in “Chapter Fourteen” which is basically an epilogue.

  5. seriously? im sorry but 3 weeks IS enough time to read a book. schedule it, read 20 pages a night before bed or something. do your projects on the weekend. it shouldnt have been that hard. sorry.

  6. It became surely exciting while i became interpreting it. i ended the series while the final e book got here out a number of years in the past and became somewhat upset, actual. there have been many unanswered questions and, properly…i like it while each thing’s tied up interior the tip. surely some surprises, regardless of the undeniable fact that. Lemony Snicket’s actual call isn’t an anagram. it rather is Daniel Handler

  7. 5. The Austere Academythe series will end soon,but that doesn’t mean that he will stop writing. If he stops writing he might tell every one who he is.

  8. Carnivorous Carnival is part of the book series, “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” I think it’s either the eleventh or twelfth book in the series….you’re saying that you had to do 5 PROJECTS on a book in 3 weeks that’s part of a long book series?

  9. 12. The Penultimate PerilWhy would you want to know how it ends before you have read the book, It wouldn’t seem worth reading then

  10. I have the movie, it may be different from the book, but they survive Count Olaf and go live with the nice lady.

  11. Well there are tweleve avalible on the shelf. The last book in the series comes out in october. Here are the names of the books:The Carnivorous CarnivalThe Hostile Hospital

  12. 8.The Hostile Hospital13… its a series of UNFORTUNATE events… hehe that man sure likes a cliche. I didn’t particularly enjoy the series on the whole, but my favourite book was the Reptile Room… I just liked Uncle Monty…

  13. In this ninth book on the Baudelaire orphans come out of Count Olafs trunk to discover that they are at a carnival. Count Olaf and his troup are in the tent of a fortune teller. The orphans hide there identity by pretending to be freaks looking for work. While they are in the fortune tellers tent they discover lots of papers under her table that might lead them to the truth about one of their parents surviving the fire. However, as they make plans for collecting this information and escaping Count Olaf is planning to feed them to some hungry lions. In this sad unfortunate adventure Count Olaf manages to trick the orphans and actually gets away with one.

  14. * The Slippery Slope13. Unknown: this comes out in october and is the last book in the series.he hasn’t finshed it yet.A new one is coming out next month

  15. If you want to find out more about him there is a book called the Unauthorized Autobiography Of Lemony Snicket

  16. Hope I was some help. P.S Lemony Snicket is not his real name.4.The Miserable Mill11. The Grim GrottoNow I think they’re kinda retarded, but whatever.* The Penultimate Peril13 Main BooksThe Beatrice Letters,Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography, and The Puzzling Puzzles;journals The Blank Book and The Notorious Notations; and short materials such as The Dismal Dinner and 13 Shocking Secrets You’ll Wish You Never Knew About Lemony Snicket.

  17. I find them witty but a bit formulaic. There are thirteen. The first six or so are nearly identical. Then there is a shift, and it’s getting exciting. He does create good characters and is very funny. Read the first, decide if you want to continue. You won’t get bitten.

  18. This book takes like three nights to read. Maybe you are not a fast reader, but you should make the effort. The whole point of assigning reading is to help you become a BETTER reader, and it sounds like you need that. So, try.

  19. There are also other books, the the Unauthorized Biography of Lemony Snicket. Check out the following link and have fun reading!!!

  20. The Bad BeginningThirteen (13)!!! The last one that just came out is called “The End”. I’m assuming it’s 13 because 13 is considered an UNLUCKY number, and it’s a series of UNFORTUNATE events.

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