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What to do what to do please help me get through.

For the past few years I have been going through hell at night. Almost every single night I have nightmares, and more than one a night on some occasions! In my nightmares I have these demonically evil sights sounds and what is even scarier, I CAN FEEL EVERYTHING DONE TO ME IN THE DREAM AND AFTER I WAKE UP!! I know…

go see a doctor or a psychotherapist, talk to them and see if they can find a reason why, and a way to stop these nightmares/hallucinations. whatever they are.

Sweet little picky eating two year old..

I am a nanny to a wonderful little two year old. Shes’s awesome and sweet and of course a little bossy at times. (hey shes two) My questions is how to encourage her to eat other things. Her current diet consist of Pancakes, Waffles, Oatmeal, and Yobaby yogurt with baby food fruit or veggies mixed in and of…

To be honest, I’m shocked at how bad this little girl’s diet is. I can understand how it happens – babies prefer sweet and/or salty foods, and then you start to give them what they’ll eat rather than what they should eat to avoid confrontation and food rejection etc. It snowballs.It is common for a two year old to just try to eat plain carbs as it’s really difficult at this age for them to try new foods (particularly if they haven’t been taught to do so from the time they start solids), so therefore a difficult age to try to correct a diet that has gone wrong.Start by weaning her off some of the foods she is eating. Google ‘balanced diet’ to get an idea of the number of serves she should be eating from each food group on average each day, for example 3 -5 serves or vegetables each day and at most one small serve of pancakes, waffles, french fries per day. At this age it is normal for her to be eating almost the same foods as her parents (minus the spicy foods).Simply start giving her the things you wished she would eat and just keep doing it every day until it seems a normal part of her day. (A baby or young toddler may need to try a food up to 20 times before liking it/genuinely deciding whether they like it). Encourage her to play with the food a little, for example making a face out of vegetable pieces.It is difficult to say what might help to get her to try healthy foods/new foods, because kids have their own personalities and different things appeal to different kids.When my son was starting solids, it helped to have play food, show him a picture of a new food in a book, the ‘one bite’ rule (I’m not asking you to eat the whole thing just this one bite), talk about the food – where it comes from, how it helps the body, grow own vegetables and help cook the food. One book that worked with my son was Dr Seuss book “Green Eggs and Ham” the lead character just won’t eat the green eggs and ham no matter how they are presented but does try them in the end and likes them. You don’t know if you like something until you try it.It’s really important to treat foods equally e.g. Never give the impression that waffles are nicer than broccoli or that some foods have to be endured in order to get the sweets at the end. Don’t make it a big deal if she won’t eat it. Just keep presenting the new foods and gently encouraging it in any way you can.Good on you for asking this question, teaching healthy and balanced eating is one of the most important things you can do for a child, and it’s something that can positively benefit her for the rest of her life.

Free christian audio books

Can someone give me an example of a successful person who took great risks.

Please list their name and how they took great risks that lead to success

How much pushing is alright for a young child (academically).

I was greatly encouraged to move ahead academically as a child. I could read small books on my own (Dr. Seuss and such) as well as do basic math (counting, adding, subtracting) at age 3. I am glad my mother did this as I’m now on track to graduate college before my 21st birthday. Right now I’m taking a…

I do not believe in pushing children. We should support our children’s efforts. The process is far more important than the product. I have seen many children “read”, but they were simply parrots. They memorized, which is what children are programmed to do. They were not comprehending what they were “reading”, they were simply saying the words. To really read a child must be able to understand that letters form together to make a sound, the letter “B” has a certain sound, as does “A”, within the words we read are phonemes, which on a certain level must be understood. A real reader could read just about any word, as they would understand that the letter make the sound… if they know the word hip, they should also be able to read the word sip(without being told).The same goes for adding and subtracting. Any child can be taught to perform. A child that can subtract 10-5 and get 5, is not necessarily smarter than a child that understand that 10 is a symbol of ten of something. The child will one to one correspondence, is most likely more advanced(in that area), then the child taught to parrot out math problems.Parents should be their children’s partners in learning. Many studies have shown that children who are pushed, often become disenchanted with the learning process. They are afraid to fail, which may lead some children to be afraid to try. They are often less flexible in their thinking, less creative, and less willing to think outside of the box.Most children that can read early, do math, etc are academically the same as their peers by the time they reach school. You don’t mention if you have a high IQ, or average, but if it is average, then you are like many other children that were pushed to do tasks that are not necessary, and eventually all their peers catch up to them. If your IQ is in a genius level, you are most likely genetically that way. You read at age 3 b/c you naturally have a high IQ, not b/c you mom pushed you to. Your work ethic may come from your mom. I do not know her or how you were raised but perhaps she raised you to work to succeed, not slack off, etc. If this is the case, was she the same way? A child’s environment has an effect on academic success.The best and most useful learning comes from real experience. If a child is playing tea party with 10 friends, and five then have to go home. The child then needs to adjust how many tea cups are used, and the child figures out 5. This child did math without someone pushing them, or drilling them to do it. In the mean time they are also engaging in many other forms of learning, all at the same time(something that cannot be done if a parent is pushing a child to sit and do math). They are learning peer cooperation(not everyone can poor the tea), societal roles(maybe someone is the mommy, daddy, etc), math (one to one corespondent, as everyone needs a tea cup), etc.I think there needs to be more effort on supporting children. You may have been pushed, and obviously turned out well, but many other children are not, and do the same things you are. Most likely b/c IQ is genetic, with a bit of environment thrown in. No matter how many flash card, reading programs, etc are available today, it is still far better for children to learn naturally(especially before getting to school).

How to do 8th grade grad speech.

I have a speech that I have to do, and I’m making cards to help me be more organized in what to say.BUT, I have NO IDEA what to say.I want to talk about friendships, how I was new to the school or/and the country, and a bit about highschool (like how we were top of the top for middle school, but now were…

For quotes you can refer to Dr. Seuss’s “Oh the Places You’ll Go” which is a great poem/book for graduations of all kinds. It is about moving on and all the new things you will experience. Mostly keep it positive – don’t get too nostalgic. A little nostalgia is ok, but you guys are at the time of your lives when you are moving on to new things. You are growing and maturing. Refer to all the friends you have made and how many of you will be together in high school and also making more new friends. Here is the text of the Dr. Seuss book.

How many books were written by Doctor Seuss and what were their titles..

Please list all their titles!

where can i find statistics on Dr.Seuss, like how many copies were sold of his books..

i need either a web site that has reliable statistics on how many of books were sold, or how many people have read a book by him…. blah blah blah!! i really need this information!! dont just say wikipediea please!!

Dr Seuss has sold over 222 million copies, almost one eighth of the total estimated sales of The Bible.…

How many books has Dr.Seuss written in total.

46 in total I believe.

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  1. Also, more diligently doing whatever work you are doing and greatly loving to do or are supposed to do (must do), all your own more clever and astute actions and reactions during your wake hours and more ardently trying and relying on a sublimer perfection of your actual moment, also with a hopeful gleam of futureYou can also take her to the grocery store of produce stand and let her pick out which fruits and veggies you will eat for the week. Kids like choices and to feel involved.Strongly stirred dreams and nightmares are reactions to your malaise of body and of soul. Dreams and nightmares may be seen as a work, a mental digestion during sleep, of your experiences of the day. Beautiful experiences may give beautiful dreams; ugly experiences, bad encounters or frightening confrontations, may be evoking horrifying nightmares during your sleep.

  2. Thus things also might go for you if you will want them to improve. Your dreams might become beautiful, your nightmares might disappear.

  3. I don’t think pushing is good at all. There isn’t any need whatsoever to ‘push’ children that age, you just give them the information and they absorb it. Make things fun, read books to them regularly, play math and letter games, etc. They learn it if they’re exposed to it often enough and generally applying any sort of pressure is going to turn them off to the subject. The best thing to do is to get kids interested in new things so that they will want to learn on their own.getting more spiritual thus that from within the inner warm throbbing vaults of your own heart and from along the immense sun-kissed or gloomy shores and landscapes and horizons and heavens and yonder of your own soul, you may be entering a great apotheosis of glowing certainty and of as if perennial bliss;relying more on the good old religious devotion by way of ardent prayer on your own or, best, in communion with some soul’s companions, some special ethereal and material feelings will affect and encompass all of your inner and outer being thus becoming of lovely great palliation unto you.My advice is get spiritual I have realy bad nightmares to close to the ones you have not as extreme though but every time I wake up from one I pray it does work you should try it hope it helps

  4. He wrote 46 in total, and one of his books was only half completed before his death, and the other half was written by another author.

  5. The only way is to do what you already said you do sometimes, only do it every time. You give her the food, if she doesn’t eat, she gets down and plays until the next meal time where she is offered food again and if she doesn’t eat she gets down. She quickly learns that if she is hungry, she eats the food she is given. It seems rather odd that the nanny is searching for solutions instead of the parents.

  6. I don’t think it’s necessary and many times can be counterproductive. Had my parents allowed me to start taking college classes when I wanted to I would’ve graduated before 21 as well, and I didn’t start reading until after K and before 1st grade. I now read more than anyone I know. Similarly, I have no idea when I started doing math but I assume it was with my peers and math and math comes to me simply. I’ve never struggled in any of my classes (and I’ve had a lot, I majored in accounting).

  7. my daughter will be 2 Nov 4th and am having the same battle with her. It drives me CRAZY. She loves carbs, and today i got her to eat a nectarine I was so amazed I wanted to cry. I bought 6 different kinds of fruits in hopes one would be good enough for her. Im also trying now to cut her food into different shapes triangles, circles, squares etc to see if that works AND she gobbled down colorful cereal so… Im thinking of buying natural food dye to dye some foods in hopes it’s colorful and that’ll intrigue her..somehow. Im going to start with dying broccoli bright blue lol And I want to get her more involved with making the food she’s eating, she can stir it, shake things… what not so maybe she’ll want to eat it because she “made’ it..

  8. If you have that want, I think it will manifest itself with or without being pushed. If you don’t have a want and desire to learn I think that pushing can cause a child to turn against learning as a whole. You have to find an appropriate balance, but I think trying to teach a 3yo to read is a bit ridiculous. At that age they need to be learning to run and play and explore. Read to them by all means, but push them to do it themselves.

  9. I don’t have children myself but from what I can remember from childhood I know what I would do as parent. Yes I would push and push hard AT FIRST. After I figured out what my child’s actual potential was I would back off to that level or even a little more. This way you don’t set them up to fall short every time but instead you expect what you know they are capable of.

  10. contriving or finding a strategy about a food plan in order to try and improve your own health in a more fierce natural way;

  11. “Over the course of his long career, Geisel wrote over 60 books. Though most were published under his well-known pseudonym, Dr. Seuss, he also authored over a dozen books as Theo LeSieg and one as Rosetta Stone.” 46 were children’s books

  12. If you are taking any powerful medication than stop right now. The fact that you can feel whats happened to you is very interesting, and I know people don’t like to hear about religion anymore, but it kind of sounds like an early step into demonic possesion.

  13. I consider it is essential to not evaluate them. Don’t say, “Oh Billy is so sensible! He obtained to boost 2 grades!” whilst you understand Johnny is sitting there feeling like a loser. Complement Johnny on matters he is well at (probably a exact discipline, a recreation, a interest, and many others.), too. Don’t evaluate them (“Johnny, Billy is 2 years more youthful than you and making bigger grades within the equal categories”). Remember, simply on the grounds that one little one is presented doesn’t suggest the opposite one is dull. The different little one is typical, advancing at a typical velocity. I individually consider it is in general a nasty thought to boost youngsters multiple grade b/c there may be anything essential misplaced in socialization.

  14. I was never pushed. My parents were just there for me and helped me with everything I did. I’m now in a private school and I passed my eleven plus with nearly the highest grade achieved that year. I don’t remember when I did all of that, I don’t like to. I was bullied in primary because I was thought of as a geek, so I don’t boast about my intelligence or show it unless I need to. I was being read to from the first month I was born, and my mother did everything to ensure I grew properly.

  15. (PS: I wouldn’t talk about how clever you are and your username as ‘little miss overachiever’ on here. There can be some really bad*ss people on here who’ll probably call you a snob, and you don’t really want people thinking you’re better than everyone else. I know what it’s like, so I’m not saying anything. But; advice: don’t boast about how clever you are: it isn’t.)

  16. Going and seeing a doctor (possibly a good friend of yours) for a new or better check-up of your inner organs, of your present state of bodily health;

  17. Fix a HEALTHY meal (that means no chicken nuggets, fries or pizza) for the both of you and sit down to eat it together. Kids like to mimic adults. If she sees the grown ups around her eating healthy,she will too. Make a rule that she must try 1 bite of everything before getting down. She doesn’t have to like everything but she does need to try it. Don’t acted disappointed or excited when she refuses or accepts food.

  18. whats up congradulations it sounds spectacular! i’d say to regulate your introduction slightly in spite of the truth that. i’d upload the first 2 sentences at the same time…also you run on about time efforts and grades etc contained in the 2d slightly to a lot. upload a memory inthere some climate about the way it really is impressive we’ve made it from eating crayons in pre-okay to playing kickball to attempting to bypass all those technology and math checks to being the following earlier you waiting to take our next step into the hall strategies of highschool. some this may be an elementary change others it is going to take slightly exertions yet you’ll make it by ability of intense like you’ve made it by ability of center to have the ability to make their next commencement ino college……………………….large job let me recognize the way it is going

  19. edit- just to note, I could also read at 3 and count, do adding, subtracting etc [not parroting, actual math understanding the numbers]. I wasn’t pushed in the slightest, my parents wanted us to be excited about learning new things but the whole academic ‘achievement’ thing was NEVER their focus. It worked pretty well for us, 5 of my siblings graduated from Ivy League schools even though neither of our parents ever went to college and dad was a janitor:Dmay be of great good corroborating help to you.

  20. Don’t be afraid to offer her foods that aren’t traditionally considered “kid friendly”. New and exciting dishes will keep meal times fun.

  21. Do now try and find chances of good thoughtless laughs in loving company or more sublimely all on your own.

  22. [/DELDUP]Anyway, pushing is not necessary and can be damaging/discouraging for a lot of kids. Not a good idea imo

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