How Many Books Has Rl Stine Written

Where Can I Find Goosebumps.

Does anyone know of a source for Goosebump books by RL Stine? My son is really into them now. We tried Ebay but kept getting out bid. I’m not going to pay 40 dollars for a few books! Any ideas?

There are so many older ones I’m sure you can find some at a bookstore. I used to read them more than ten years ago. There is also his series of Fear Street by R. L. Stine, which your son might like.

writing my first horror story. The girl in the mirror…

this is a horror about love, loss, possession, sacrifice, haunting.a girl just moved into her new house, finds a old mirror decides to keep it, weeks later she notices the girl in the mirror isnt her anymor, but sum1 she doesnt know. she wants to help her get out not realising she was put in there for a gd…

You know, after your reading your synopsis I became convinced that I’ve read or seen this before. I’m pretty sure I was correct, down to the details, but I still haven’t figured out exactly what it is I was thinking of. However, here’s three books that have either strikingly similar details to your pitch, or a similar setup:1) Ready or Not, Here Come 14 Frightening Stories – a collection including a story by Ray Bradbury called “The Girl in the Mirror”2) Terror in the Mirror and Other Stories by Jim Razzi – Guess what the title story is about? “Evil residents in a mirror”3) Ghost in the Mirror by RL Stine. The details vary greatly from your idea, but the setup is almost identical.My point – these are only three books with that plot line. I actually found entire boards dedicated to folks talking about this book (in it’s many different forms). It’s okay to revisit a theme, but it’s a red flag when someone reads your pitch and immediately remembers the story and can offer several suggestions about what it might be.My best guess is that you’ve heard or seen it before too, and have simply forgotten. Either way, you better do something radically different from all these other ‘girl in the mirror’ stories, or scrap this one and move on to a new idea because this is walking dangerously close to plagiarism. Intentional or not, it won’t fly.And, just so you know, you are not the only person I’ve seen do this on here, but I wanted to give you fair warning since the source material is more obscure than what most people are ripping off. I honestly believe you probably didn’t even realize it, maybe I’m a chump(?). So I’m not trying to accuse you of anything, or anything like that, just wanted you to know.Good luck.

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  1. Excellent. I hope your writing is as good as your imagination. You might want to come up with a reason the girl never tells her parents about what is lurking in the mirror. Now stop giving away your ideas on the internet before someone steals them!

  2. id make the cat somewhat lady who died interior the abode the place the guy lives now. and he slowly starts off determining she desires help and isnt there just to creep him out. it quite is used all of the time, its no longer unique or something in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it gets the pastime executed.

  3. These books aren’t that popular anymore really so you should be able to get them for a decent price.

  4. I really don’t remember the TV series, but I remember the books. I do remember that the books were better, though. And I would say I’m more afraid of Goosebumps.

  5. i have ordered some for just1.99[DELDUP()]

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