How Many Books Does The Average Person Read In A Lifetime

In how many cases man can do better work than machines/computer.

Performance, Ability and Adaptability:Performance and Ability – So,even though it has been proved that the brain is far more superior to today’s best computers,many of us out there wouldn’t believe it. Why ? Because of the differences in performance.We can obviously see that any low-end computer can beat the fastest human at calculation as well as storing and processing of any information,Although the brain has got more ability, it has got more tasks to perform than that expected of a computer. Did you realize that the brain is has to constantly take charge of maintaining the human body functions for the entire lifetime its host?Actions like breathing, blinking, coordination of all the body parts are controlled subconsciously by the brain all the time.At the same time, the brain is constantly bombarded by all your senses all at once.In one mere second, the retina sends ten one-million-point images to the brain.At the same time, your ear drums pass sound information real-time at higher-than-CD-quality.And don’t forget the information send to the brain by your sense of touch and smell.If a normal higher-end computer was fed with the information from a human’s senses constantly and asked to process and react to them, the computer would overload from too much information because it can’t react as fast as the brain could.There are many reason why the brain loses out to computers in simple and straightforward jobs(esp. computational and recording jobs).The brain is made for general purposes,not specifically just for computational jobs.In theory, the brain could be as quick as a computer in computational and recording jobs but in real life,it will never be possible because the average human is constantly distracted by his overwhelming senses,his emotions and his own thoughts.There are exceptional people who could read through a 500 page book in less than an hour and remember all the contents as well as people who could perform mathematical calculations at a snap of their fingers but they are only rare examples that prove the hidden potential of the human brain.Adaptability and Learning:The brain-Because the human brain receives so much information from all the senses at a constant rate,it is only natural that it would tend to learn and adapt very quickly about its environment and surroundings. In fact,a glance of any of the senses at the surroundings would already provide the brain with enough information about the environment to allow the brain to react immediately with a response.Many of us think that it may seem natural that the human brain is better at non assisted learning and acquiring of new skills when compared to a computer.The human brain is able to learn by trail and error,induce conclusions from past experience and create new methods to deal with the situations it has come across.However,when learning a new skill or quitting a old habit,the human brain requires time to adapt to the behaviours required.When a person does a particular task repeatedly for a number of times,he would realize that the more times he does it, the easier it is for him to do the same task.When continued over longer periods of time, it becomes so easy for the person that he does it sub-consiously,hence, it becomes a habit. Even quitting of habits need adapting to,because the habits are now part of the brain’s sub consiousness and the brain performs it even without instruction from the consiousness.Remember that Ive told you that the memory of a brain seems unabsolute?That could also be a reason behind the need for adaption during learning. To be given a permanent place in the sub-consious mind, knowledge of the skills are to be translated into relevant instructions for the various parts of the mind so as to perfect the various requirements of the new skill.The hand-eye coordination, finger control or the sense of timing required for the new skill are aquired mostly through trial and error,hence explaining the need for adaption.The computer-Computers are getting smarter by the day.Computer programs at research labs are constantly learning anything that the programmers are feeding them with. Voice reconigtion engines are developed but feeding the program with thousands of different voices from entire towns so that it could pick up patterns in speech,accents and slangs and learn to reconigse them.OCR (optical character recogition) programs are picking up new tips and patterns as it observes the different styles of writings from its ever increasing database.Smarter programs are now able to classify pictures of objects it never saw before into different catogories in real-time by studying their shapes and textures or by observing similair patterns in the picture’s coding.The rate of learning computers using smart programs have a big advantage, that is they can share their data between different omputers. If you are not satisfied with my answer , ask me .

Teens: How do you feel about the theory of Evolution.

I’m a Creationist, so a lot of people automatically assume that I am completely uneducated about the Theory of Evolution and I must be really stupid and close-minded. Uh no, I know a lot about Creationism and Evolution, I have watched numerous debates, documentaries, tapes, read literally dozens of books on the…

Obviously theories change over time. Just because there have been errors doesn’t mean the whole idea is flawed. Apparently you really don’t know more about evolution than most people.Which documentaries have you watched on Creationism? There are literally no arguments using evidence to support it. It ranks up with astrology and alchemy.All of the “evidence” that was in the link you gave was Bible related. It’s nothing more than a storybook. I’m not wasting my time watching hours of bs.I get the feeling that people who believe in Creationism only do so because they find it degrading that they are related to everything.A smaller scale example of evolution is antibiotic resistant bacteria. The reason why human evolution can’t be “watched” in a lifetime is because we just don’t reproduce that fast. But bacteria divide every 20 minutes, and the ones that survive the first round of antibiotics are the stronger ones, then they multiply to create more resistant bacteria, etc.

Vampire books free

Why/how did we evolve a brain that is apparently 10,000 times more powerfull than is used in a lifetime.

“Unlike animals, who mainly live and act on present needs, humans can contemplate the past and plan for the future. A key to your doing that is the brain’s almost limitless memory capacity. True, animals have a degree of memory, and thus they can find their way back home or recall where food may be. Human…

I am really pleased that you asked this question! You made a great point only I respectfully disagree with your conclusion! My Daddy read a book written by a neuro scientist who stated this same point but his conclusion was that the human brain did not evolve it was created by God and the fact that we have never used all of our brain’s capacity is proof that it did not evolve and God created it! Your paragraph is correct but your conclusion is incorrect because there is no scientific way to prove that the brain evolved. God created my brain, your brain, and all brains!

How long does the average bass guitar last.

I konw their made out of diffrent materials and some last longer than others, but rather than telling me all that =p, can you give me an accurate estimate on how long the average $250 Electric Bass Guitar last before you should get a new one. Also tell me how often you should get it checked at a guitar shop.PS….

Thats a trickey question. When considering a person who is playing an instrument, I take it your not at the professional level yet, so this means that you will be testing the waters for your own unique sound.As a rule of thumb, most instruments will last you a lifetime as long as you take care of them. Clean and polishing the instrument, seting the neck tension as the humidity efffects the neck ect.. Instead of going out and upgrading to that $2500 base, I recomend that people do what I did with many first guitars I owned wich was upgrade the the pickups and then the hardware. 99% of your guitar bodies are made of wood and that is your primary portion of tone. Mahogany, Black/white Korina, walnut product nice thick tones while Maple, popler, ash, alder produce a more bright sounding tone. Unless you beat on the thing or drop it, you should expect this instrunment to last you quite some time, as a matter of fact you should be able to hand it down to your own children if you already have some or will have some in the future.Before I started to build my own electric guitars, I used to hotrod guitars for people. A friend of mine had bought a $5500 Gibson Les Pual Slash model a while back. I ended up taking an Epiphone Les Paul Elight that I bought off ebay for $475, put in a set of SD alnico 2 pros, swaped out all the jap crap electronics for CTS pots ect… and installed a piezo bridge system just like the $5500 Gibson. The result? Same guitar at a 5th of the price and they sounded no differant from one another. Both were mahogany with a maple tops and mahogany neck. Both had SD alnico 2 pro humbuckers, both had the LR Baggs piezo system and bridge installed and both had american made electronic componants in them.Getting your bass serviced is up to you but if you want to go down that road then your looking at every 4 months due to tempurature changes.Anytime you go from winter to summer, humidity changes the tension in yor neck and being that it is a base, this plays havock on your instrument. You could also get yourself a book on bass guitar maitnance and memorize the book. You can still bring your bass to a pro for the first couple tune ups but if the tune up is what you like then take your knowlage you learned from the book and start doing it yourself. A pro will adjust your pickups if need be, set the intonation, change out the strings, make sure that the nut is in good working order and set the string height according to your preferance. You can learn all this as you go along and instead of paying out on average 40-120$ depending on what services you need, you end up saving much down the road.I started out by myself and learned everything I know from books. I learned how to set intonation which makes the sound a night and day differance. I also learned the proper height to set strings, adjusting pickup height, crafting a new nut ect. When you learn all that and become proficant at it you can then leave your own cards at the local music shop and do side jobs on other guitars for less and pull in enough money to upgrade if you desier that Langcaster Bass.I made enough money doing tune up work to buy all the shop equiptment I needed to start building my own electric guitars over the period of 2 years. We are talking upwards of about 15K here and I still make an average of about 100-250$ per week doing this as an odd job.It takes me all but 30 minuts to do a complete setup . When my wife and I sat down to figure out my average per hour rate based off all my work in 1 year it turned out to be $322 per hour. This also includes putting in new pickups, strings, and hardware but still, not bad for reading a few books and using that knowlage to earn a few extra bucks.I know this is a long answer to your question but I hope I not only answered it for you, but hopefully this will give you some motivation to look into this yourself. The best book I can recomend to anyone one is a book by Melvyn Hiscock called “Make your own Electric Guitar”.He builds a Bass in this book and the information is priceless. Dont let his last name fool ya 🙂 and if you are interested in it, try out amazon for a slightly used version. I got mine for $14 shipped to my home.

How Long Would It Take To Read All The Encyclopedias.

From A-Z, its a goal i want to make for myself and i want to start after the holidays, how long would it take?

A lifetime! Interesting goal…. imagine how smart you’d be afterwards. You’d probably want to narrow it down to one publisher, considering there is more than just one company that publishes encyclopedias. Something my dad told me is that you’ll never be able to read every good book in the world. You’ll never even be able to read every amazing book in the world. There are just too many, and the same goes for encyclopedias. Plus, you’d come across really lame stuff that nobody cares about. If you want to try, you could break it up into sections, and maybe be done by the time you’re 30 or so. (haha, maybe not that long.)

How often does the average person change jobs.

I read the average person or maybe I should say most people end up changing jobs about three to five times in their life. I think I read that in an article or a book somewhere. I am not sure how often in between jobs they state. I guess most of you have been at your current jobs a lifetime. If not,how long have you…


How often does the average person change jobs.

I read the average person or maybe I should say most people end up changing jobs about three to five times in their life. I think I read that in an article or a book somewhere. I am not sure how often in between jobs they state. I guess most of you have been at your current jobs a lifetime. If not,how long have you…


How many books does a person read on average.

say it’s 10 and we live till 80 that’s about 800 books in your lifetime maybe even less because we don’t start reading books until 8 or something. With all the books out there in the world isn’t a upsetting thought the average person will only get about 700-1000 books in there lifetime? whereas…

hmm, some read 60 books per year (while being a president ! GWB)I guess it all depends how busy you are

How many books does an average person read in their lifetime.

Its sad really… books are great.I bet its none these days everyone rips their book report off the internet now a days.I have read over 50 books so far :).started quite young and i read allot especially in the train… travel allot.

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57 thoughts on “How Many Books Does The Average Person Read In A Lifetime

  1. [/DELDUP]As for your worry that you’ll only read a 1000 books out of everything written, just remember Sturgeon’s Law: 90% of everything is C***.

  2. The average American reads 15 books a year, and the average life expectancy is about 80, so if you do the maths……….1200, approximately :)Depends on how fast you read.

  3. However if the question is more a case of what would provide the best quality, then in theory a machine should win in the majority of cases. However machines will only provide the logic they are designed for, so again deviations, sudden increase in quantity, for example may well give man the edge over a machine.

  4. Edit: If he created us to live forever, then why don’t we? He hasn’t got it right yet? I thought that God was supposed to know what he was doing. And if you’re talking about us all being raised from the dead, what about all those people and all those brains that have already decomposed into nothing?I started reading at 5. I am well past those numbers. I read about 3-4 books a week. I sneak my reading during the commutes (which are about 1 hour each way) and lunch at work, so finding the time to read is not an issue at all. Additionally, I am fast at reading.

  5. This is the ONLY thing that has to do with religion that I have a firm stance on; I’m a theistic evolutionist, meaning that I think evolution happened, but only because God wanted it to. Not saying that you’re wrong; you could very well be right, but it’s my opinion and I can’t help but have it.

  6. Evolution does not need opinions, understanding or acceptance. Evolution is a real, ongoing mechanism by which life changes and perpetuates. There is no God, divine or invisible force willing life. There is only physics and nature, evolving, failing and thriving.Maybe people got a few details wrong, like the examples you used. But that doesn’t mean they are completely wrong about everything.Creationism is an uneducated, anti-scientific and backwards pseudoscience no different from alchemy and as real as the philosopher’s stone. It should not be promoted if we want to be a civilized society that stands for education and progress. Even if people who reject evolution read the books and “got” it, rejecting it is like rejecting the existence of the sun, and will always lead to useless conclusions that get on the way of understanding.

  7. However, I am a fairly fast reader and the book would not actually be that big. It only appears big cos someone wrote in size 23 font 😀

  8. And if we were “designed” to live forever by “God”, then we would live forever…not just 80 years or so, right?

  9. i’ve read about 60 books total in my 50 years of life and I’m comfortable with that… somewhere between excessive compulsive brainiac who’s knowledge never see’s the light of any service cuz they’re too busy(reasons a whole other can-o-worms notwithstanding) reading,. and a total lazy minded dumb-**** that never even notions to question why know-one want’s to know what they think about anything. yes i realize my count put’s me closer to the latter and that’s ok too because It’s not a race for me… its a small (yet x-valuable) aspect to my life situation(s) and there are some in the world who (for what ever reason) are prevented from clear and easy access to read just about whatever they wish and so end up reading one book over and over with renewed enthusiasm, or 2 books in a lifetime due to some kind of impairment that makes reading a slow and arduous process so its not how many books one reads as much as it is the book vs the backdrop of, or in the midst of ones unique life situation that determines to what degree of and texture of knowledge will be gained in an individual’s range of intellect.

  10. I read between one and three books a week. There are so many good books that when you get on a roll, television and video games easily take a back seat. I homeschool my three kids. Even my six year old reads one to two books a week. We do a lot of reading aloud, too.

  11. It will be interesting to see if stem cell developments could increase Glial cell counts in people for the purpose of making them smarter.

  12. So it could be reasoned that we do not use our whole brain capacity because we do not have enough “wires” connected to all of our brain. People who have more stuff ( I think they are called Glial Cells) to help with the transmission of signals between the hemispheres tend to be smarter. So more Glial Cells might equate to an ability to use more of one’s brain capacity.

  13. (If they’re trying to argue that you take your brain with you to “Heaven”, that’s ridiculous. Your brain decomposes in the ground with you.)The average person reads about a book a year after high school/college, the median person reads less than a book a year. Most people simply don’t read books at all. That’s something to be depressed about, then again I’m happy that they write a lot more books every year than they make TV shows or Movies.

  14. We do know that brains are getting bigger at birth because more women are having to do C-sections because the Baby cannot be born naturally. This phenomenon has been on the rise mostly in the last 60 years. It is also logical to assume that some people can use more of their brain capacity.a whole year wouldn’t be enough, unless you’re not eating or sleeping or going to school. what you’re trying to do is interesting, though it’s difficult to achieve. don’t rush or force yourself to read. if you do, nothing of what you read will retain in your mind.

  15. I have zero interest on coming off as accepting and zen on this. I can tolerate people with a basic degree of respect, but not useless chatter and proposals based on religious agendas that slow down education, waste valuable funds and even make them to congress to distract with non-issues.

  16. Note: I’m not saying ALL teenagers don’t read. I’m just referring to the many that post on their facebook profiles, under “Favourite Books”- “i dunt red”.

  17. im not average in fact my family used to call me their bookworm when i was at school i read about 5 books a week but know i ve grown up with work and house work i don’t have so much time and plus the books i read know are longer. instead of things like sweet valley high and tenn books like that im reading lord of the rings so my average is 1-2 a week but i know people who don’t read at all which i think their missing out on so much.

  18. We did not evolve and stop we are evolving still. Our brain development is probably part of some other stage in our evolution not yet reached. In say 10,000 years maybe humans will be able to use 2/100 of their entire brain capacity, maybe more, maybe less.

  19. No one knows how or why we evolved to be this way. There are theories, but no complete proof.You aren’t supposed to capitalize the a when you say “a lot”… Anyway… XD

  20. The brain uses it’s entire self, just not at the same time. Electrical impulses fire all over the brain, but the whole brain is not active all at once. Just because we do not constantly run at 100% capacity does not mean we do not use our whole brain.

  21. I believe in both. I’m a Christian, but I believe the theory of Evolution is a big part of life. I can’t remember where I heard it, but I once heard the quote “Science is God’s blueprints acting itself out”.

  22. But at the end of the day, there’s a LOT more hard facts and evidence that support evolution than there is for creation. All you have to go off of for creationism is blind faith.

  23. In more cases then you’d realise. People quite often want the personal touch for goods and services. A personal touch that the ruthless efficiency of a machine can not provide. So, sometimes you might have a few imperfections here and there, but so what!It isn’t a “theory” it’s a fact. Like how gravity is a fact. There are fossils that show how things have evolved over no, nothing overly complicated about the brain – it is 1’s and 0’s (neuron on/neuron off) but the wiring is rather remarkable – some animals depend mostly on athletics, we depended mostly on intelligence for survival. Other animals posses remarkable intellect as well, a dolphin can understand human words, yet its language is completely different. No human can understand dolphin. We were not designed any more than a dolphin was, or for that matter a plasmodium parasite, or maybe an ebola virus. There is no favored species. We posses plenty of flaws ranging from wisdom teeth to using a single opening for both eating and breathing, if we were designed, the designer is clearly retarded.

  24. Hmm. Maybe the average person reads 10 a year but thats counting the people that dont read at all in the average. I read at least 2 or more a week and often read a book 2 or 3 times if I have nothing to read. I own over 500 books and also check them out in librarys. I still have time for a full time job, going to the gym, videogames/tv and my girlfreind. I am a pretty fast reader though I can read a 400 page book in about 6 hours or less. But I have to be well over a 1000 at least by now.

  25. yes. we are reading less and less, and that’s why people today have poor imaginations. everything is done FOR them, TV, music, toys, games, etc. harper lee once said that because she grew up at the time she did, she had SUCH an imagination because they didn’t have anything else. they had to invent their own lives.. but the # of books thing is really depressing. i’ve thought about this before. i read around 6-8 books a week,(or at least i DID before i got hooked on this yahoo answers thing – i’m so competitive) which is about 300-400 a year, so that means i can only read 24,000 – 32,000 in my lifetime. ( started reading around 6 and will probably live to 86, to make the math easier) that seems like a lot, but at my age, sometimes i stop reading a book because i think, “if i can only read so many books, do i really want this to be one of them?” life is too short to waste on drivel. sorry. it’s late and i rambled on.

  26. I understand where you are coming from. As a 14 year old I really don’t know what to believe. I would like to think that there is this better being out there watching over us but then again why would he create all of theses natural disasters and diseases? Then I think to myself everything has been designed. Everything is so intricate so how could it just be chance? I think that I believe in science and evolution more because to me, it makes more sense.

  27. The extra cm is just like a giraffe’s neck, one trait taken to the extreme through eons of evolution.

  28. Well, techincally forever. Encyclopedias are constantly updated (hence the ‘cycle’ part of the word) as the world changes. Apart form that it depends what enyclopedia you want to read, the Britanica would probably take a few months if you read it and did nothing else. Also you have to consider whether you want to absorb that information fully and learn it or just read it passively.

  29. Couldn’t the argument also then be made that why would a god “create” a brain that it is 10,000 times more powerful than could be used in a lifetime?Edit: Do you really believe that the Earth is 6,000 years old despite there being carbon dating to predict the age of artifacts? Are you going to say that dinosaurs weren’t real, while driving on fossil fuels? With so much diversity on the planet, do you sincerely believe that some man managed to get every organism on the planet despite some being too small for the naked eye to see or too large to be placed on a ship? Do you really think that this man went out and got these animals from the Western world, despite the fact that in this time it had not been discovered? Believing in creationism over evolution is ignorant, but I don’t blame you I was once there too.

  30. No idea how many the average person reads, but I’ll easily read a few thousand XD Quite a bit more than that o.O

  31. We use 100% of our potential brain capacity. If we only used one percent, then there’d be a SIGNIFICANT decrease in the number of people who suffer any form of brain damage.

  32. It all depends on how fast or slow you read, how many hours you read each day, and which encyclopedia you are reading. There are many different encyclopedias and they will all have a different amount of pages.

  33. In the early years of Nazi Germany, Hitler was much-admired in many quarters. He was popular in Germany. He put people back to work, aided mothers and children, provided for health care and vacations, restored German prestige and self-confidence. He was actually Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” for 1938. The Berlin Olympics of 1936 were an international success. The autobahns were the best roads in the world. When I was in Germany in the late 1960’s, I had the feeling that a lot of Germans were sorry for what Hitler did — like lose the war.

  34. Today’s current teenager: ~20 (and only because of required reading from school)That’s what’s so amazing about science, you’re encouraged to question everything. It’s a theory because it is still challenged, and that’s what makes it different from a law. Being a theory doesn’t mean that it’s false either, gravity is a theory as well. Science is there to prove hoaxes wrong, science is also there to provide evidence for the truth. Science textbooks are constantly being updated because it changes as our technology improves and new studies replace old ones.Depends on the person.I personally am an avid reader.Until recently I had Over 900 books filling 5 bookshelves double stacked.

  35. Sorry…but it still makes no sense to think that our brains were created because we are supposed to live forever. You’re just voicing a *belief* that has no basis in anything other than the invented stories of men.

  36. There’s a lot of crap in the textbooks, but that doesn’t botch the whole theory. I don’t believe some mystical being carved us out of His or Her imagination in 6 days. I believe in the common ancestor idea. I don’t understand much about where the universe started, but that’s where we started, at least. And it isn’t God getting us further, it’s us. So I’m supporting evolution.

  37. Your math is bad.1. I have heard for years(decades) how ‘little’ of the brain we use (usually around 5-8%). My 1st quyestion; how do they know that? 2 nd question; Could it be that part of the brain is being utilized, but Not measured?Lastly it has been shown that people who are incredibly intelligent tend not to have big brains but more tend to have more stuff directly connecting the various parts of the brain with each other.Also, the capacity for memory and recall is far far greater in elephants than it is in humans. What makes us unique is the extra cm of brain matter called the cerebral cortex. This allows us to draw conclusions based on our memories unlike elephants.

  38. in my opinion, only in cases where human interaction is needed such as baby sitting or kindergarden teacher.I think the theory makes sense, for me it makes more sense than creationism. But, I would say that any person who relies on science 100% is an idiot because scientists are the ones who make the most mistakes. Other than that, I don’t really care much for theories. Also, I don’t like it when people compare science to religion. Science, when you think about it, is a way to classify everything in our world, so therefore, nothing is ever proven to be 100% true or false for that fact. Everything you can physically see is science, just think about it. Religion is belief in certain principles, I see it as a completely different thing.

  39. Also in the perfume industry, you need a human to determine that the new concoction smells good. Same with food. Anything that requires calculations can be done by a machine better.

  40. There are people in their 20’s and 30’s who have already read a 1,000 books. There is enough time to read a lot of books, it’s just a matter of choosing the book over the television.

  41. Because of me, my two youngest children (7 & 14) began reading at the ages of 4 and 3, respectively. I was reading when I was 4 ( started on Casper and Richie Rich comics).and I’m sure I have averaged no less than 3 books a week since. If fewer people are reading, it’s because the parents don’t take the time with their children to show them all they can find when they open a book.

  42. interior the early days of our marriage hubby replaced jobs about 3 or 4 situations at the same time as ending his degree. Then his very last interest grow to be for 25 years with a similar corporation til we retired.

  43. You might well ask, why would an intelligent designer give humans a brain which is 10,000 times more powerful than needed? In fact, the notion that we only use a small fraction of our brain capacity has been pretty much abandoned. But we are very clever, as are many other species. What makes us different than other animals is our highly developed language skills, and our ability to accumulate and widely share information through the written word. An talent that was not “God given,” but rather developed over thousands of years – from cave drawings to the BlackBerry.

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