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i think im almost done with the game.i finished the main story line about dragons and the elder scroll, as well as the civil war between stormcloaks and imperials (i joined the storm cloaks btw :3 i thrashed the imperial [email protected]@rds to surrendering)i joined the theives guild and finished itjoined the mage...

-Complete the Daedric Quests: There are many different ways to start the Daedric quests. They have no relation to each other. They all award you with a useful Daedric artifact. Here are some of the Daedric quests and descriptions of how to start them.-The Black Star: Talk to innkeepers and ask about rumors until you are told of the shrine of Azura.Visit the shrine and take the quest from there.-Boethiahs Calling:Find a book called Boethiahs Proving and read it, Randomly encounter a Boethiah cultist, or Randomly find the Sacellum of Boethiah (Located east of Windhelm)-A Daedras Best Friend: Go to Falkreath and speak to a guard or a man named Lod and find the dog that he wants you to find.-Discerning The Transmundane: During the main quest Elder knowledge you are sent to the Tower of Mzark. After you get the Elder Scroll don’t forget to grab the Lexicon on your way out.-Do the Bards College: If you talk to almost any bard in an inn then they will ask you if you have thought about joining the Bards College.-Kill Paarthanux and rebuild the Blades.-Become the Thane of all cities.-Regain the Influence of the Thieves Guild in all cities: You do this by completing five side jobs for Delvin and Vex in one city and then you will be given a quest to get back Influence in one city.-Do any Side Quests that interest you.-Randomly explore the wild looking for Giants and Mammoths to kill.-Explore every mine and get rich by smithing random JewelryThat is all the things that I can think of

Skyrim copied Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance series.

All through out the book I’ve noticed many similarities to Skyrim. Many. Too many.1, King Hrothgar/High Hrotgrar2. Dragons are powerul beings3. We use powerful “magic” through words(ancient language, and it’s name simply being referred to as “the word”)4. a group of defectors…

1. The name Hrothgar is from Beowulf, a very old epic poem.So it wouldn’t matter, as Paolini stole it from there.2. Dragons are powerful beings in all old tales from before written language. Its certainly true in the stories of King Arthur. Its also true in Dungeons and Dragons. A RPG from before Paolinis books. They also have riders with whom they bond in Dragon Riders of Pern, written before Paolinis books.3. Word magic dates back to the Bible. In King Solomon’s books it lists the true names of different spirits. That idea is so old, and used in so many different books its hard to name them all. But specifically in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings words in the elvish language are magic.4. The Foresworn is a name that comes up in lots of places, like Warhammer! Which also predated Paolinis books.5. The black hand is also a mafia like group that do extortions in naples and the USA. Im sure there are plenty of other examples. its certainly not original or clever.6. In Tolkein’s the Similarion the Ainur bring everything into being and create words for everything and bind them together then teach the elves. Like I said, word magic and its connection to creation predates WEstern Civilization. Its a very common idea.Its most likely they both stole stuff from the same places, not each other. But they could have just thought it up. None of the things you are mentioning are very creative or very original. All these ideas and names are so well used it would be hard to even figure out who came up with them first. The one thing I know is that they were not created by Paolini. He hacked his mythology together using lots of traditional fantasy and sci fi works.Dragons are powerful beings….Seriously? You think that someone would need to read it somewhere to come up with that? A dragon is huge, can fly, and has teeth and claws. In many tales they have magic items. They breathe fire. In the Chinese horoscope the Dragon is a sign of wisdom and power. How else would someone write a dragon but as a powerful creature? Dragons appear on crests of nobility. Don’t you think its kind of obvious? Now if two books had mosquitos as some kind of powerful majestic race, that would be an unusual coincidence. Dragons; Not so much.

Preschool books free

How to level up speech skyrim.

How do I use the skyrim: dragonborn console commands to teach me the third word (dov) for bend will.

I had a glitch that wouldn’t let me complete the quest because storn would not read the black book, so I had to complete the quest with a console command player.setstage dlc2mq05 1000but now I have to manually get the third word of power for the “bend will” shout which is “Dov”I looked…

The XX in you command line is actually a variable. Depending on how many DLCs you have and where in the load list your dragonborn DLC is determines what the code actually is. Try changing the xx to 01, 02, 03, maybe oven 04. I forget if the list starts with 01 or 02.

Skyrim Players. Still Playing.

This game has been out for some time and I’m still playing with the first character I created.He’s only level 60 (Xbox) due to the fact that I also play a PC version. Which is a whole lot better due to mods like Frostfall. Unfortunately, my PC fried due to a beer accident lol. Going back to xbox is like…

I played Skyrim for 900 hours then I moved on to other games like Dishonored and Fallout. I go back to Skyrim once in awhile, usually to test something so I can answer questions on Y!A. Most recent Skyrim visit was to check out the four mountain peaks on Solstheim that I didn’t know about. But I’m pretty sure I’ve otherwise seen 99.9% of the game. I’ve played through 3 times, with characters that are now levels 85, 60 and 60. I have all of the achievements on PS3, no mods. I can’t play my level 85 character more than 20 minutes at a time, or my PS3 lags and eventually locks up.

Skyrim quiz. How addicted are you.

1. How many followers can you have at once?2. How many houses are there in the game?3. How many shouts are there?4. How many holds are there?5. Name one book with a skill increase.6. Name 3 conjuration spells.7. Name the destruction spell elements.8. Name one jarl.9. Battle-Born or Grey-Mane?10….

1. Three, one recruited, one quest and one dog2. one for every major city? I havent been to them all yet, too bust wandering.3. looooads you want me to name every songle one?! I’m a warrior, not a shouter4. One for every major city? I dont get bounties, i’m too sneaky for that! Got a bounty of 40 in Whiterun, thats it.5. The Black Arrow v1 (archery)6. Summon Flame Atronach, Summon Frost Atronach, Summon Skeleton7. Fire, Frost, Shock8. I dont care about their names, they dont matter!9. Personal preference. I have no alleigence, just like on Fallout New Vegas. I may have done quests for some factions but that doesnt make me one of them.10. They’re worth 1 Grand Soul. Only an idiot would sell a Black Soul gem to a vendor.And i lebieve the former High King’s name was…………..*cough*. Obviously :p

How do i level up speech up fast in skyrim.

I now have no idea how to level up my speech fast in skyrim since the black briar glitch has been patched. Any idea’s i’m already level 42 in speech.

SPEECH (NOTE: The Riften Glitch was fixed with 1.09; no longer works) Here are some tricks1. There’s no real “Glitch” to it go to the Bard College in Solitude; pay for training2. Keep selling everything you find3. Talk to everyone there are some simple quest that will give you speech bonusesNOTE: Imperials start with the highest Speech score and seem to level-up quickly with speech related quest and encounters.NEW INFORMATION for PS31. Forge the Aetherial Crown in the quest Lost to the Ages.2. Get the blessings of the Thief Stone and the Lover Stone.3. Sleep in a bed you own next to your spouse. (Must do this with the crown unequipped. Also you can’t be a werewolf.)4. Now all your “thief” skills should be leveling up 50% faster for eight hours.5. Go craft as many iron things as you can (iron is cheap and common) and sell them. Improving them first raises the value a bit but takes more time and money. (Note: the Speech skill will still level up even if the merchant has 0 gold. Also, sell things one a time as opposed to 6 or more as a unit.)ADDITIONALLYIf you have the Cutpurse perk, the money should be easier to pickpocket back.OR You can purposely get caught stealing and then use bribe with guards to avoid bountywhich will increase your skills.Other than that..reading certain books will increase and sellinga lot to different vendors will increase your speech.

(SKYRIM) How to fill the black soul …

I talked to Falion got the black soul from him , got the Trap Soul book even , but when he asked me to kill someone and get his soul , i tried and killed so many ppl and ive got nothing ! can anyone help?

That is strange. Normally, all you have to do is kill a random person while having some means of using Soul Trap. I never had that issue though, and you must be the first. I would either reload a save before you attempted a Soul Trap, or restart the console, or clear your system cache 8assuming you have a PC or 360 version of Skyrim).Or… do you have a PS3 version? If so, there’s really nothing you can do. Skyrim, like Fallout 3 and Oblivion, just are not suited to play well on the PS3. I really don’t know why. All 3 games are the most buggy on that system.And yeah. jason is right too. I will probably laugh if you give him Best Answer though, because… well, how hard is it to figure how spells work in Skyrim?

How do I fill a black soul gem in skyrim.

I’ve tried a hundred times and it never works. I have the soul trap spell book and I cast it on a person and then it says the spell was casted but then it doesn’t fill the gem! I really need to know how to do this to cute vampirism!

Cast soul trap on any humanoid and kill them. Only human souls are black & are always grand souls. You can buy the spell book to learn soul trap from many merchants or you can buy a weapon that automatically cast soul trap upon striking.

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  1. Find all 10 treasure maps. Then use each map drawing to find the location in Skyrim where the X marks the treasure.

  2. 6.Noobert[*] Waking Dreams: Skill tree reset in exchange for one dragon soul. Final Miraak.Black Books:Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the next installment in the award-winning Elder Scrolls series. Skyrim is the follow up to the 2006 Game of the Year, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and the next game from Bethesda Game Studios, creators of the 2008 Game of the Year, Fallout 3.

  3. [*] The Winds of Change: Companion’s Insight / Lover’s Insight / Scholar’s Insight5. Dohvakin/ chosen oneSkyrim Shout Codes

  4. There are seven different Black Books scattered through the ruins of Solstheim. Three are guarded by the Dragon Priests Ahzidal, Dukaan, and ZahkriisosBuy the house in solitude, and yeah, do the daedric quests.

  5. 2. dunnodid you read the book to learn the spell? And you have to Use high level soul trap spell on a humanoid to fill a black one

  6. “Originality is nothing but judicious plagarism”- Voltaire said that. The irony is he stole it from Plato.

  7. 4. Dwarven lexica/ jedi holocrons1. You can have 3 when you use the conjuration spell: follower, conjuration, dog10. A black soul gem is worth 300 empty, 750 filled…

  8. 9. Usually Imperial…they give you nicer armor in the armor of your choice2. Lightning from your fingertips/ Sith lightning

  9. [*] Filament and Filigree Secret of Arcana / Protection / Strength [Kolbyorn Barrow]This Site Might Help You.- Epistolary Acumen – Found in Nchardak during the quest “The Path of Knowledge”No idea

  10. 2. Houses you can buy…5 in Skyrim, 1 in Solstheim, not counting the 3 plots of land you can build a house on[*] The Sallow Regent: Seeker of Might / Shadows / Sorcery3.Noobert5. ‘light armour smithing’Note: I highly recommend you take down there health significantly before casting soul trap so there is less of a chance for it to wear off. A good person to kill is bandits, rogues, or forsworn. Guards are good, but you get a bounty and they are pretty tough at low level. Bandits can be found just about everywhere. Also, make sure you touch the person with the soul trap. i don’t believe it’s a targeted spell like fireball.

  11. Holy hell This man gets pizza and BJ’s WHILE playing Skyrim. This man is living the dream right now guys. But yea skyrim is the best game to come out in a LONG time. with 300+ hrs of gameplay and pretty much 100% total freedom to do what ever you could think of. Just give him a few days maybe a week or two. Then after you can hold it against him if you want ” Hey remember when you spent 2 weeks straight playing skyrim? Yea time to go with me to shop and pick out new shoes n stuff” Anyways I’d say thats a lucky guy right there.

  12. 2.Noobert6. soul trap, summon storm atronach, summon dremora lord- Filament and Filigree – Found in Kolbjorn Barrow during the quest “Unearthed”- Untold Legends – Found in Benkongerike, after the word wall3. Basic Skyrim has 20 shouts, +3 Dawngaurd Expansion, +4 Dragonborn ExpansionBeware…some of them are really hard to find (both the maps and the locations).11. The force/ The force push10.Azura’s Star is better!

  13. 6. Uncle Wizard , nephew conversation (has to stay on another season)/ Uncle Owen, Luke conversation (aka”whiny power converters” convo)First, read the book.Stormcloak Or Imperial Quiz

  14. Seeing as Paolini copied just about everything in his books from Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Dragonriders of Pern and the Earthsea series, I’d say there’s no case to answer…

  15. You can get weapons that have soul trap, for example just get the mace of molag bal, hope That makes sense.

  16. go to all those little towerd, caves, forts you’ve ignored so much. level 41 isnt Impressive and there’s so much more u could level up in. Play on master and see how much more of a different game it becomes

  17. No ideaThird, kill a person in UNDER 30 SECONDS (otherwise soul trap wears off and you have to cast it again

  18. 8. Jarl Elisif the FairI’ve tried a hundred times and it never works. I have the soul trap spell book and I cast it on a person and then it says the spell was casted but then it doesn’t fill the gem! I really need to know how to do this to cute vampirism!

  19. hey i am stuck at exact place as you are…….if you get the console command please do share……thank you

  20. The maps are usually located on dead bodies u find or enemies u kill. Some of the dead bodies are hard to find (like the one washed downriver from the wrecked house with a tree on top of it).

  21. I would rather be playing the game, then spending time trying to get modifications to work.Second, equip the spell

  22. 7. lightning, fire, frostAlso, you could make similar parallels between Star Wars and Skyrim, namely:4.NoobertI’m going to invest in new gaming PC and start playing Skyrim from beginningFourth, check your black soul gem to see if it’s filled

  23. 3. Conflict between the empire vs. stormcloaks/ empire vs rebellionyea I’ve been really wanting to know ty

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