How Do I Rent Books On My Kindle

Buy college books, or rent on kindle.

I’m starting my first year of college, and I have to get my books. My mom found out I can rent the books using a kindle, and because I don’t have the names of the books, I can’t check out the prices, and compare how much it would cost to rent the books for a semester. I’m wondering if anyone has…

I have always bought and resold my books. But if you know someone who has taken the class sometimes you can borrow the book from them or trade them a book you have that they need. I have always gotten to the bookstore early and bought used books if I am getting them from the college. Also I have bought books on Amazon but you have to make sure the ISBN # is the same and that the book is in good condition and that you buy it in enough time for it to get here before you need it.My daughter uses a site called to buy some of her books.We have had alot of conversations about kindle and the reason we never went that way is the what if question…..What if it crashes…I guess you know that as part of your financial aid if you have money left over you can get a book voucher to buy books with.I wish you well and yeah my daughter just graduated with a bachelors and i’m in and out of college and we homeschool so we have to buy our own books so i understand how book money is tight

how to Download free books to my kindle.

so i was wondering instead of always buying books on my kindle is there a way to download books for free? like a website you go to?, and if so could you explain what to go into in the website and then if i download the book how do i get it on my kindle? thank you. very much appreciated (:

Authors write books to make money. Sometimes authors are willing to allow their book to be read for free. If that is the case, they will post it on Amazon, or Creative Commons website or their publisher’s site. If the book is not in those places, it isn’t legally available for freeSometimes public libraries BUY ebook rights with digital services such as Overdrive. That is your tax dollars at work. That is legal.Peer sharing sites are really stealing sites because the author did not give permission and he is getting ripped off. Those that illegally upload can earn jail time and fines of $150,000.After all most authors make only a few thousand for their books. Very few get rich. Authors need the money to pay their rent and buy groceries. Free urban fiction books

I’m planning on buying an Amazon Kindle, how much does each book that you purchase cost.

And can you like rent books on it if you only wanna read a book one?

It varies. It’s always cheaper than the paper & glue book. I’ve seen them in the $2 to $10 range. The Kindle price is on the page for every book that is on Kindle.

How do I download books to my new Kindle.

Amazon gave me more websites that said they were “free book collections” in order to rent books as you do at a library on my kindle. One website they give me is and I love the selection, however, I don’t see anywhere to download, only places to find the books I want at a real library….

Try Project Gutenberg. I’ve downloaded books there myself. Click on the book you like, see if it has the Kindle file format. If it does, just click download.It’ll download to your computer, then just transfer it over via USB cable to your Kindle.

Renting a Libary book on my kindle.

When you rent a book on your kindle dose it go back to the Libary by itself or do you have to return it manually? And if you have to return it manually, how?

At my library we use OverDrive, and you don’t have to return the books manually, after the checkout period the file expires and you can’t access it on your Kindle any longer. You can return it early by logging into your Amazon account, going to Manage my Kindle, and going to your Kindle library. There should be a list of books in your Kindle library and on the right there is a button called “Actions”. One of those actions is to return the library book.If your library uses OverDrive, it should work the same way. Check with your librarian to find out.

How do i get library books on the kindle fire.

You can get ePub or PDF ebooks from Overdrive from your local library and use any number of Kindle Fire apps to read ePUB or PDF rented eBooks. Audiobooks, media and ebooks can be rented. I tested this with the Phoenix Public Library on my mother in law’s Kindle Fire and wrote instructions on the link here >

amazon prime membership.

Hi I have a question about my amazon prime membership. How do I rent books on kindle for android? Can anyone help?

While on a iPad one might rent movies, I’m not so sure one can ever rent a book on kindle or any other service

renting books on the kindle.

how do i rent books on the kindle? i cant seem to figure it out….. plz help and make the answer short and simple

You need to start by checking with your local library to see if they support this service. If they do, they should have detailed information on how to use it.

How do i rent books on my kindle.

I want to read this certin book but i dont want to buy it how can i rent/ check out books on my kindle

You need to become a member of Amazon Prime, it has a monthly / annual fee.

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  1. There are lots of free books around, like the ones on Project Gutenberg, which have a Kindle download choice (a .mobi file). You download them onto your computer, plug your Kindle into the USB port as you do for charging, click the Kindle icon on the desktop to open it, then move the .mobi files into the documents folder on the Kindle.

  2. If you are a prime member, you can download free books even 500pages like Shroud over Paradise and it’s yours to enjoy and who knows one day an author might just get into conversation with you. Keep an eye out for the Golden Malaita Eagle wow.

  3. type your question and hit enter. … click on the numbers at the bottom of the page.Try your local library – most loan ebooks these days.

  4. i could advise figuring out to purchase them extremely of renting off of your kindle. because of the fact it is your first 3 hundred and sixty 5 days of faculty, you will in all probability be taking common instructions so the books which you would be figuring out to purchase could in all probability be mandatory back via many different pupils. in case you are able to, purchase used, and then sell them back to the bookshop, on line, or in case you be attentive to somebody who plans on taking the class next, sell it to them. Or in case you be attentive to somebody interior the class which you’re surprisingly close with perchance a superb pal, boyfriend/female pal, (somebody you be attentive to and believe o.k.) basically purchase one e book and share it. perchance evaluate photocopying some pages in case you’re able to need them for your self, and so on. in case you are able to, you ought to additionally examine if the college you will attend has one greater replica of their library. you will no longer constantly be certain a replica to look at, besides the shown fact that it rather is a robust ingredient to envision for basically in case you ought to think of roughly sharing the e book. desire it enables!

  5. I would recommend buying them instead of renting off of your kindle. Since it is your first year of college, you’ll probably be taking general classes so the books that you would be buying would probably be needed again by many other students. If you can, buy used, and then sell them back to the bookstore, online, or if you know someone who plans on taking the class next, sell it to them. Or if you know someone in the class that you’re pretty close with maybe a best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, (someone you know and trust very well) just buy one book and share it. Maybe consider photocopying some pages if you’d want them for yourself, etc. If you can, you should also check if the college you are going to attend has an extra copy in their library. You won’t always be guaranteed a copy to look at, but it’s a good thing to check for just in case you might think about sharing the book. Hope it helps!

  6. Visit your library’s website to see what they have in e-book editions available for download. They will have instructions on just how to do it from there.

  7. If you find any free books in other forms, like .epub or .pdf, you can use a file converter to change them into .mobi files. I recommend Calibre, which is free to download and very easy to manage. You use “Add books”, then “Convert books”, then (when your Kindle is plugged in) “Send to Device”.

  8. If you can rent it, you’ll see a “Kindle – Rent This Title” box on the right hand side of the page. Since rentals on kindle are a very new thing, not a lot of books work on it yet.

  9. Go to (click on that) and when the blank line comes up,I bought all mine second hand on amazon and places like that. Kindles just don’t have the same opportunities for highlighting, writing notes and turning down corners of pages!

  10. see if the school buys the books back. my school sells the books their self but you can sell them back for almost the same amount you bought them for.

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