Books On How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

How can I get my best friend to stop drinking.

My best friend who I’ve known for almost 5 years now took up drinking really fast. Her family has a history for becoming alcoholics, and she said that she thinks that she’s becoming addicted. She wants to stop, but she says she IS addicted. This year was a very hard year for her because three of her friends died,…

Your friend has already made an important and powerful step- she recognizes her problem and wants to quit. That is very good, because it’s very hard for alcoholics to admit that they are an alcoholic and to want to stop. You should acknowledge this and feel proud that she wants to stop.The next step is to actually stop, which is also very hard and probably why she still drinks. To stop, she should first understand why she drinks. To me, it sounds like she is using the bottle to escape reality, because it’s very painful to her. What she needs to understand is that the problems will still be there when she sobers up, and it’s only harming her body to continue drinking. Cold turkey might not work, so she might be able to try drinking progressively less and less.She needs to find something to do that will get her feelings out in a healthy manner. She could try exercising every evening by jogging around the block, or just taking a walk to sort her mind out. If she doesn’t want to try that, you could advise her to start writing or drawing in order to get her feelings out. She could even start a private web journal to rant about her parents or lament over her friends.Committing to not drinking is the most important step. She needs to refuse alcohol, but politely, by telling her friends that she is trying to stop. If she is friends with people who pressure her to drink or just drink around her, that is a temptation and she needs to either ask them not to do it around her or cut off her ties with them. Temptation will be strong, and it’s even stronger when she is being pushed to do it. If she lives with an alcoholic parent, she might be able to try and discuss it with her parent.There are more tips and steps on how to quit drinking without seeing a group in my source. Besides that, she should try looking for books that involve recovering from alcohol addiction.

How to drink without a hangover.

Im going on a big night out with some guys from my work tonight and we have a meal and places booked. I want to have a good few drinks but I want to finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow without being in the horrors..So Im asking what can I do in the hours before I go out (eat/drink anything, vitamins etc..) to…

How to avoid hangoverBEFORE YOU DRINK:Eat: Eat something that has vitamin B and C such as fruit. If you are going to an after hour party, you should eat early dinner before you go to the party or eat while you drink. The fructose in foods will help absorb alcohol.Vitamins B & C: Take vitamins B & C. Alcohol will deplete nutrients from your body and the vitamins will help you replace what you lose from your body by drinking. Drinking orange juice, grapefruit juice, and grape juice will also help.Drink Milk: Milk will help absorb alcohol slowly.Know Your Body: If you had hangovers before, learn from your experience. Were you drinking dark liquor? Were you drinking different types of liquor all night? Were you drinking too fast? Try to analyze what your body can handle. Dark liquors (or colourless liquors) make some people feel sick. Some say drinking different types of liquors or liqueurs bring them headaches. However what you drink doesn’t matter as much as how much you drink.Do Not Drive: Do not drive a car to get to where you will be drinking unless you have somebody who can drive you back.WHILE YOU DRINK:Drink Water: always order a cup of water when ordering an alcohol beverage. Water will help rehydrate your system. The more water you drink, the better solution after the night.Eat while you drink: Try to eat while you drink if possible. Food will not only help absorb alcohol slowly, but also slow your drinking pitch down.Order fruit cocktails: Fresh fruit juice will replace the vitamins that you lose from your body while drinking. If you know that you are not a big drinker, try cocktails with simple ingredients such as Rum and Orange Juice or Vodka and Cranberry Juice etc.Watch Your Pace: Never drink too fast. Drink as slow as possible. When you feel fine (meaning when you can tell or cannot tell that alcohol starts changing your behavior, thinking, and sight etc.), you should stop drinking alcohol and drink water. If the party goes longer than you expected, order some fruit juice.AFTER:Drink Water: before going to bed, drink water. Do not drink coffee. Coffee will help dehydration.Vitamins B & C: Take some vitamins before going to bed.Sleep: sleeping may be difficult because your body temperature is higher than usual. If you can’t go to sleep, drink more water. If you need to throw up, throw up. When you wake up, drink more water and eat some fruits and try to go back to sleep.Despite all the things that you could do to avoid a hangover before you drink and as you drink, if you still get a hangover, you are not trying enough. Think about what went wrong and learn from your experience. And remember, drinking is supposed to be fun! Not to throw up at the end of the night.

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how did you stop drinking alcohol & why.

i need to stop my liver enzymes are real high. i have tried AA but seem to slip again what do i do????

I am in recovery now. I started drinking at 8,moved onto harder stuff, wasted almost 20 years being an addict, jail, all of it. The best advice I can give you is to continue going to AA, remember, being a member does not require that you stop drinking, you are a member as long as you show up and have the DESIRE to stop. Also, and this sucks, and I myself once fought tooth and nail to avoid it, but have you though about getting into a treatment program? I actually was court ordered, which isn’t, in my opinion, isn’t as affective as really wanting to do it on you own, but I spent about two years in full time treatment, after I spent 8 months in a rehab/jail type setting. The thing is, is that all addicts and alcoholics have many reasons to use. The years we spend ‘stuffing; them away, and using drugs to cover them up is actually what holds us down. We have resentments, insecurities, angers, the same as everyone else, but WE use to deal with them. It is a long and difficult and wonderful process, but as long as”you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got?” Why did you slip? What was your trigger? I’m not asking to know personally, but you have to become well acquainted with what types of thoughts/feelings/situations put you in danger of relapse and avoid them-this includes certain people too. Basically, you have to relearn everything, including how to make HEALTHY decisions, going to AA and getting yourself a good sponsor that know what they’re doing helps, but if it only gets you so far, you might want to look at treatment. Also, yes, spirituality is an important part of recovery, but I can honestly tell you that if you are in fact an alcoholic, all going to church is going to do is make you a drunk hypocrite. Please stick with it-fake it ’till you make it- If your not ready for the treatment idea, go to meetings-alot. ANd really listen, get yourself the big book and start working those steps, it has helped countless people, it can help you too. But you can only do it for yourself

How do I stop drinking.

I’m 16 and my mom is an alcoholic. Alcoholism runs in my family and now I think its starting to kick in in my daily life. It’s pointless and stupid of me I know but I like drinking to get high. I don’t need to drink to forget. The alcohol in my house (only the party alcohol) is not locked up and I…

try to spend time with other people that don’t drink.spend as much time away from home as to your mom (if you can,i know that may be hard).last, i would STRONGLY suggest opening your phone book and looking up ‘al-anon’. it’s not AA, it’s support for family and friends of alcoholics. i think that would be a good, safe place for you to not only get the help you need, but how to cope with your mother’s addiction.Al-Anon and Alateen

How to stop drug/alcohol abuse.

I’ve tried reaching out but I’m not getting anywhere; I don’t want to go to rehab, I can’t afford it and I’m not physically addicted to anything, it’s 100% mental. I binge drink/use in the moment, and it’s causing me health problems and it’s seriously messing with other things in my…

Try a 12-step program like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. It can really help to have this kind of support and they can also point you towards more help in your community. There are always free social programs to help those with substance issues. It also might help to start studying up on what the physical effects on the body are- knowledge os power, There are tones of great books in the library and lots of info online.Good luck.11.5 years sober.

How do I ask my parents to stop drinking.

They aren’t like alcoholics, but whenever they’re with their friends, they drink a lot and end up passing out and being really annoyed the next day. It’s starting to annoy me, since they’ve also started offering me alcohol, even though I’m only 15.What can I do?

Number one: congratulate yourself!YOU recognize the fact that alcohol can be bad for you-while your parents don’t. 15 is definitely too young to be drinking!As to their behavior, if they aren’t alcoholics now, they’re definitely on the way to becoming so. But you can’t make them stop. you can, however, learn how to live with them, with the least amount of hardship for yourself.The best way, I’m told, is to call a group called Al-Anon. They’re listed in almost all phone books, and meetings are usually held in Church or library basements. Try and call-or look online. If there are none nearby, or if you aren’t allowed to go, I’m sure there’s online support. Whatever you do, don’t isolate yourself, and don’t feel responsible for your parent’s drinking. It’s they’re choice-every time they pick up the bottle. And, although it seems as if it would be easy, don’t end up turning to alcohol yourself. You see the effects every time your parents drink.

How to stop my mums drinking problem.

My mum has had a drinking problem for probably about 15 years that I know of, and I know it is a big step to try and stop it but I can’t sit back and watch her drink her life away.I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me come up with ideas on how to stop her drinking problem, I’ve tried a…

Perhaps try contacting an organisation related to alcoholism and see what advice they can give you, it may also help to urge her to seek help herself 🙂

How do I ask my mother to stop drinking.

I’m 16, going on 17 and my little sister is 13, going on 14. My parents have been drinking ever since I can remember.. Which has been since I was about 3 or 4 I guess. I talked to my dad about it, and he promised to stop. It seems he has, I haven’t seen him drink in months or smelled it in his breath…..

Women have a harder time stopping than men. The movie “Days of Wine and Roses” is a good illustration of that. My info is from going through rehab. My suggestion is to join Al Ateen. People usually do not stop just because you asked them to. They have to hit their bottom before they stop. Luckily your dad was listening to you. Do some reading on alcoholism and also children of alcoholics. There is also a group called Adult Children of Alcoholics which you might want to join someday when you are grown but there are books on that too that you can start reading anytime.The more you know the better you will be able to cope with your life. There is no set way to ask her to stop. Everyone is different.

how to stop drinking.

is there any reliable medicine to stop drinking?

There is no medicine that will make you want to stop. If you have a serious drinking problem, it is probably necessary to be detoxified in-patient at a hospital or treatment center. They will help your physical withdrawal buy monitoring your vital signs, (pulse, blood pressure, tremors, etc.) and giving you medication, A benzodiazepine (like Ativan, Librium and the like) to see to it that you are medically safe, and won’t have a seizure or D.T.s (Delerium Tremons) from the alcohol coming out of your system. As you begin to feel better, and you WILL,with elp, and begin to eat normally, and sleep normally, they will then begin to wean you off the medications, so that you will then be safely alccohol and drug free.If at this point, you really want to Stop drinking totally, or even just for a few weeks or months to see how it goes, you can be prescribed a medication that acts within your liver so that your body can’t tolerate the imbibing of any amount of alcohol, or you will have several adverse reactions. This medicine’s trade name is Anatabuse, (I forget the generic name, something like dissisulfram,) This makes the alcohol go directly into your bloodstrem instead of being processed through your liver as it normally would. The side effects of drinking while on this can vary from sweating, headache, bright red face, and the need to lay down if you only have a few drops of alcohol, to the chance of heart attack and/or stroke if you have more. Some physicians hesitate to prescribe this medication to patients who may try to still continue to drink, because of the dangers. You have to be alcohol-free for 5 days prior to starting the Antabuse, and it stays in your system for approximately 2 weeks after you stop taking it. This gives a person who is serious abount wanting to stay sober time to stop and think when an impulse to drink happens.I suggest you speak to your primary care physician if you have one, first, who can suggest what you should do first to stop drinking, and when you have done that. then you can decide, along with your caregivers, whether or not taking Antabuse as an extra help measure is a good idea.I wish you well, call A.A. if you want, there is a phone number in your local phone book in the white pages, and it is usually the first number there. Look in the yellow pages or call a help line to find a treatment center for advice, and, perhaps, to try one out. If you go voluntarily, you can leave at any time voluntarily also.Godspeed. You will be in my prayers(No, I am not religious person,) but I do say prayers for myself and others. It can’t hurt, and it can help.p.s. A.A. is not the only way, depending on where you live, there is also a program called ‘Rational Recovery’, and, for women, ‘Women for Sobriety’ Pls, pardon any typos, this is too long to corret them and still get this answer to you in a timely manner.

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65 thoughts on “Books On How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

  1. that you really don’t like it because it is embarrassing and annoying.But, I think that if you do something before you go to SLEEP that’s the trick:I tried Anitbuse for several months and it only slowed my drinking down but it was very effective in makeing me very sick when drank anything with alachol in it. But if your anything like me and can’t go through the day without drinking unless you vilently shake and all of you insides feel like they are caveing in you need to check into a De-toix center right away.

  2. I have TONS of fun and loads of friends that I’ve enjoyed for many many years — drinking did not make the fun — We were smart enough to be entertaining on our own!!I myself am 15 years old, and my family too has a history of alcoholism.*Drink lots of fluids when you first wake up. Gatorade is a very good choice because it specifically formulated to hydrate a dehydrated person; that’s why it is also good for when you are sick.make sure you work in all information into a conversation, and not giving her straight commands of what, and what not to do.You are your own person, what your mom does might effect you,but not your will. You don’t have to pick up the glass this you are using as an excuse, if it’s not get professional help.

  3. in the name of my savior Jesus Christ AmenFor me, i am lucky…my family very rarely drinks….i actually hate the taste of alcohol immensely and have only sipped to taste it maybe 3 times my entire life but never finished it….it just tastes horrible. People like the buzz but i see no point. So i am definitely lucky.

  4. Hangovers mostly have to due with the amount of liquid you consume, that’s why lightweights rarely have hangovers. If you drink a lot of liquids and maybe go to bed with some gatorade with you or something it might help. Eating a lot of breads before hand helps too, it soak ups some of the liquid…not to be mistaken it really doesn’t do much to the alcohol.

  5. I would suggest drinking lots of water and eating a good meal.Just remember, there are no guarantees; and if you do end up with a bad hangover, you need to rest and not shop.

  6. Well good look girl and I hope eveything gets better for you and family.:) oh yes, get your mom close to god, that will be help her alot too.

  7. If you continue to drink, you will soon lose your ability to snowboard, play soccer or any other activity that requires equilibrium and dexterity. Your life will revolve around a bottle. At least you know you have a problem and that you are on the threshold of step one of AA. Call them to see if they can help. It’s free, you don’t have to be religious, you can remain anonymous, you don’t have to speak, and you will be surprised to see how many other young people have a similar problem. Please check them out.

  8. By all accounts I should have run him over and had to live with that nightmare for the rest of my life!I commend you for taking the biggest step of all…admitting it is an actual problem…and you realized this at a younger age then most. The hard part is the quiting since you have grown up in an environment that charishes this destructive habit.There is not alot you can do directly that will make them stop, but you can get help and support from your school counsellor, Doctor, even AA.Let me tell you a story that actually happened to me! I was driving down a 5-lane highway late at night with my young daughters. “SOMETHING” possessed me to move quickly into the adjacent lane… No sooner had I moved over — than my daughters screamed “MOM — That was a man lying in the road!”Well, sometimes you’ll get a hangover no matter what, it just depends.You’re off to a good start for recognizing the trend. The most rewarding ‘high’ a person can probably get from a ‘habit’ would be by replacing existing detrimental habits with healthful ones. Aside from being an advocate of the endorphin rush that results from a good workout, it would be wise to seek support from others trying to do the same, and direction from a treatment or rehabilitation program. No one can kick it for you, you have to have the determination and focus to either find a balance, or remove it from your life altogether. Wishing you success and all the best.

  9. Your parents ARE alcoholics! Make no mistake about it!oh yes, there is help for you….I’m going to tell you something you might not want to hear.Try to support your friend but protect your self from being dragged into a bad group of new friends they might meet.

  10. Take a lot of cheese butter and chocolate before drinks. This slows the absorption of drinks and limits your intake. Even then if you feel any hangover take half an ounce of alcohol in the morning. This removes any hangover

  11. Instead of drinking alcohol, drink energy drinks, redbull is the best also you could take some pro plus it gives you a sort of high like being drunk 🙂

  12. *There are also pills you can take, I forget what they are called (try looking up “hangover pill” online). I am not sure though, how they work, or for that matter, if they’re good for you.Take care of yourself and make sure you talk to your counselor about this as soon as possible. Your parents are not taking care of you, and they are certainly setting a horrible example for you by encouraging you to drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. *Eat light things when you drink. Nothing too spicy or overly seasoned. Pretzels, fruit, plain chips, chicken breast—all good.AA is a great place that welcomes all comers. You learn the reasons that make you a drinker. It’s like theraphy for free or a buck or two. Lots of people not drinking together. I am happy to not have to drink anymore.

  14. *Keeping yourself hydrated. Alcohol is extremely dehydrating, and making sure to have a few glasses/bottle of water when you drink is always a good idea—healthy, hydrating, calorie-cutting.I’m not much of a drinker, but I’ve heard that the best way the best way to avoid getting drunk is to drink 2 glasses of water for every glass of alcohol you drink. It dilutes the alcohol so that it doesn’t effect you, are minor.

  15. You can”t get some one to stop drinking it’s something that they have to want to do for themselves. Drinking is a way for people to deal with their problems and until they are ready to deal with the underlining issue they won’t stop drinking. Most people don’t stop drinking until the drinking causes more problems than it solves and they reach bottom. IF you want to learn how to deal with his drinking than you should join al-anon the organization for the family and friends of people who drink. That will help you learn why he does the things that he does, and it will help you to decide how to deal with him, but you won’t be able to stop him until he’s ready and you might have to accept that he may never be ready. Some people don’t stop drinking until they either die or develop serious illness from the drinking.

  16. Get yourself to Al Anon where you’ll learn how you can best help your friend. Truthfully, she needs more help than you can give her. In her own best interest, I’d be very tempted to call child protective service folks. She has a terrific challenge and it will likely be a life-long struggle.

  17. Right before you knock off/pass out (lol), take an Advil and drink 3-4 tall glasses of water. You’ll have to pee, but that’s the point. It helps wash out your system, and prevent dehydration in the morning- which is usually the cause for the hangover!If you don’t really want to quit, nothing will help. If you are totally serious, your will to quit will be strong and help a lot.

  18. Mango, It takes a real man to ask a question like this at the age of 15Duh, nerves produces distinctive bacterias that purpose pimples, and all you had been doing is the whole lot that calms your nerves. Now that you’ve got gotten rid of unhealthy behavior I advise you exchange them with well ones. Drink water plenty trough the day. Don’t contact the pimples, except whilst you wash your face, that you do generally. There also are designated merchandise for laundry intricate face, however they’re quite often luxurious. Drink yogurt, so much have the micro organism that counter those which are supplying you with issues. Try being extra calm in case you’re a fearful character. Try a therapeutic massage (does not have got to be a respectable one, simply ask a buddy or a tuition, for those who consider they are going to do it), possibly spend a while stress-free in a tub.

  19. AA is more of a religion based form of healing. I think that you have to look at the reasons you have to be alive. Do you have kids? A family? Parents that care for you? A girl you wouldn’t want to live without? You have to consider all of these things before you take that sip. What if you died today? Who would you be leaving behind? You don’t have to quit, if you quit then you would think about wanting it all day everyday. You need to just learn to drink it in moderation. If you enjoy drinking don’t deprive yourself of it you just have to make yourself stop at 1 or 2. You have to hold yourself accountable for your actions and you cant let yourself down.

  20. You are asking people who give advice on how to mix drinks, brew alcohol, and consume them. You are asking the people who are proponents of alcohol and its responsible use how they stopped.for sure you quite care approximately your lady buddy. i think of that basically telling her how lots you look after her and how in touch for her properly being you’re is possibly the excellent direction of action. make absolute to not supply her any ultimatums. keep in mind you could not make her do something. she’s have been given to be the only to would desire to make a transformation. If she is keen (and reckoning on how serious her situation is) you may desire to advise she attempt some thing like AA. yet first she would desire to be keen. Telling her how frightened you’re and how lots you care is possibly your superb guess. chatting with a woman’s emotions is generally the main effective device!

  21. you may not like this.. however i’ve seen this work wonders on people.Eat a meal and drink some water before you go to bed.

  22. tell her to start drinking only on occasion, and CAREFULLY start taking in quanities of smaller doses each drinking session.

  23. I guess Mango try to get them both together and tell them that you have something that you need to ask them, The best time would be right after they go to bed, (sober) knock on there door then ask themThe best way to deal with a drunk is to close the doors on him, bullshit alcohol groups wont work. If he comes to you close the door on him, and tell all his other friends to close the door on him too. A drunk must learn that if they chooses to refuse to quit that they will be alone. A drunk must learn that by choosing the easy way out they are damaging not only themselves but their family, their friends and their possible chances of reproduction, and please if you try to help her, be harsh on her. Drunks dont deserve friends, be harsh on her and slap her if you have to remove a bottle from her. Dont hesitate to hit your friend their, because in the end she’ll thank you for being rough and helping her quit.

  24. This was a man who was drunk and decided to vomit in the grate in the road!! He passed out while vomiting — wearing dark black clothes late at night on a totally dark road!!!!!! This guy didn’t think HE was an alcoholic either — ASK HIM! He’s lucky he’s still here to answer!!Show her the effects of drinking.You will get about the same response.

  25. It’s hard to answer you AS I DON’T KNOW YOUR AGE.Start snorting coke. You get a lot more of a high than you do with alcohol and it’s not as lethal.Show her how you and your sis will help.also let her know that drinking by herself or when she feels the need to releive stress or anxiety, sadness or any other unwanted emotion is the very beginning to a long road of addiction.Ms. D

  26. That should guarantee you don’t get a hangover. Works for me like a charm every time.Please do not start drinking…your life is worth more.

  27. I have the smae problem, but with a big difference that I am not close to my dad, and you seem that you are close to your family, talk to her, be like your destrying our lives mom, I want you be alive for you to meet my children, please stop drinking, dont you love us? Look for help for her, actually there is a show that helps people like your mom, I odnt remember the name……. I laways see that show.The drug mentioned above is called Anitbuse, and when you take it and drink alcohol you get really ill.

  28. They are most certainly Alcoholics…..and alcoholism affect families in a bad way, i grew up dealing with it.

  29. It didn’t bother me when I woke up with an empty wallet because all those bartenders and waitresses probably deserve that money more than I do and HOLY **** HOW THE **** DID I SPEND SO MUCH ******* MONEY? I’m broke so I have to stop drinking.

  30. is there anyway that you both could not drink so much, just tell themMango I also want to ask you to do something, At night when your ready to go to bed kneel down at your bed bow your head and say

  31. i feel bad my sisters dad passed away for driving drunk thats bad for her health she needs help i would try 1 more time but this time sit her down and talk to her as an adult be strong dont let it get to you my step dad scince i dont know my real dad drink but not in font of us and if he does its at a party when i know its ok

  32. Yes… a pill that makes you sick when you drink. google it.Go into the meat market and ask them how they became vegetarians.Stay smart and keep away from the booze and it’s drinkers!!!!Dear father in heaven I ask you to please have my parent’s stop drinking I ask you to watch over them and the rest of the family,just keep drinking… when your liver craps out on you, just get a new one!You should use nutrients that are high in amino acids. Amino acids are converted to dopamine in the body hand helps repair the brain.

  33. AA has shown to have a relatively low success rate. But you should try to incorporate amino acids into your diet. That has shown to diminish cravings. The reason is because the brain needs it’s dopamine boost it gets from alcohol. Once you quit your brain neurotransmitters are diminished resulting in cravings and urges that are hard to ignore. You can google Truth of Addiction for that website as it has incredibly useful information about quitting drinking (if you do not mind a sales video). Anyway, alcoholism can be cured but you should treat the desire, not necessarily the behavior.

  34. yeah i drink alot too (im 16) but i never let it exactly get a ‘hold of me’ it would if it wasn’t for my dad who comes and visits everyday……the best way to stop (for at least a week) is to get WASTED throw up and trust me you don’t feel like alcohol for a while…Trust me, its an all around better alternative. make sure the drinking starts to slow down or else any other method will be crushed by the need to drink.

  35. It’s Very toughest simple task..Bcz ‘Life is in Your Hand’ ‘Hardwork never Fails’ ..Think abt ur Bright future i.e. If U want Short Life with Enjoy moments or Long life with energetic moments..choose the BEST One.. And also Try to help (just watch then’ll go to give ur help) Poor People or Handless People..One time u waste money Rs.100..that Rs.100 ‘ll help Minimum 10 People at a time.. Pl. Think Well.. Do the Best.. Thanking You,

  36. Make sure you let them know that you would like brochures on AA and other material that will open the “drinking discussion” with your parents. If you are on good speaking terms with your parents — Let them know that you DO NOT APPROVE of the way they handle themselves. It is NEVER responsible behavior to pass out from drinking!! If they are drunk enough for that — they are drunk enough to kill someone while driving.Show your parents these responses!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I didn’t even know that i had a problem one day I slipped into a Sunday School class that had a very smart friendly teacher who had a whole lot of knowledge about the power of God. I have been going to church ever since (year and a half)…The quality of my life has improved tremendously. I am 34 and had my days of partying…but now, I realize that I don’t need to drink to be fullfilled and have fun . I will pray for you that you find what you need. Not all churches are the same, I believe you should try a christian bible believing church…REMEMBER: MISERY LOVES COMPANY — and they sound miserable!! Don’t fall into their trap — or you’ll be just as pathetic

  38. The easiest way to defeat any addiction is to replace it with a different one.Its going to be a life long battle for you…even if you want to stop cold turkey it is going ot be very tough for someone like you. First thing i say is think about moving out of this environement and being less social….and try to find a bf who is the same so that he (or both) can be each other’s rock and support each other not to binge drink your life away.

  39. If your so weak that a beverage is controlling your life and you cant JUST STOP DRINKING than maybe you need to go to rehab or Try the AA meetings. Our minds are stronger than our Cravings and Addictions. You are like most Americans To lazy or weak minded or You just Don’t want to stop in that case your obliviously not gonna Do it without Force ie” Rehab ‘ . If you want to quit You can Just Quit No Excuses.

  40. get drunk. then she’ll realize the effect she’s having on her kids and she’ll feel more motivated to stop…

  41. They do make a pill that will make you sick if you drink with it.It is by prescription and it only works if you take it.

  42. It all begins with you join AA Alcaholics anonymous or other support groups.But first and foremost you have to seek help.

  43. Drink water during your night out and just before bedtime. Keep a glass or bottle of water beside you while you sleep. If you wake during the night, have some. Alcohol dehydrates the body and it is this that creates the hangover. Water replenishes your body to rehydration.

  44. (and trust me it CAN and WILL happen to YOU!)Talk to your school nurse or school counselor IMMEDIATELY!It’s not easy to lose a friend but you really have to watch out for yourself.Talk to adults you trust.I’m not telling you to give up but be ready to let go.Best of luck.

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