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I have heard of them being scams. Contact your local SBA (small business administration) and they can advise you on how to getstarted. If you are going to borrow money from a bank, you will need to have a written business plan. You can look that up on the web to get an idea of the format.

How to start a successful construction business.

I am a sophomore in high school and i would like to start a construction business in 5-10 years after I graduate UCLA.I’m getting a 3.6 GPA right now. Do you know some website or book that gives great information and advice on how to make a business plan, or maybe you could help me out if you are in this…

I would start at the book store and give yourself some time to look through a few books. One thing to keep in mind is the market will change each years so if it is something you interested in stay up with the market. Try and get to know someone in the business who you may for for in the office areas or someone is the Builder Association. Your best bet is to try and get into the business now are a intern or employee of a business. That way your ahead of the game! Good Luck

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Can a “Stupid, dumb” person, be successful in a small business and have a good positive growing future……

Or do you have to be very “smart” to succeed in running a small business, with a good strong, positive growing future.

“School smarts”, “book smarts” and college degrees are not requirements for success. But, make no mistake about it: you have to know how to think if you want to be successful in a business. :)Check out a book called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It’s a great blueprint for success and nothing in it depends on you having a high education.Another great book is “Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles. Email me at tony @ and I’ll send you a copy of it for free. It’s an amazing book.Tony Rush

good books..

anybody know any good books on how to become on entrepreneur or tips on businesses and how to be successfuleasy tp read aswell

My favorite author for “entrepreneurial” things is Robert Kiyosaki, whose first book was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. I’ve read almost all of his books, and I think they’re great! It’s not going to tell you, “First you do this, then you do that…yada, yada,” but it will give you information that is more fundamental to becoming an entrepreneur. His books are very easy to read, and you may be able to find someone through the “Rich Dad” network in your area to mentor you. And don’t stop with just his books. The books written by his “Rich Dad Advisors” are very valuable as well. Especially important is “Sales Dogs” by Blair Singer. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if you don’t know how to sell it, you might as well have nothing.Also, I really liked “The Millionaire Next Door”. Granted, this is not what one would call a “page turner”. It doesn’t keep you on the edge of your seat because it’s got a LOT of very boring (but important) statistical information in it. I really liked Charles J. Givens’ books as well. And, of course, everyone you talk to will have a different opinion on what is valid and valuable information and what’s not.I’ve read a lot of books on business, and can’t think of all of them right now. But take some time and check out that section of the library or a discount book store. You can find a lot of different information from a variety of authors.And remember that entrepreneurship isn’t easy, but it IS worth it!! If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Probably the hardest part is being able to fail, learn from the failure, then pick yourself up and go at it again. (The “average” millionaire has gone bankrupt 3 times before he/she “makes it”. Keep at it and you’ll succeed!!)Good luck!

How to Be Successful in a Chinese Language Class.

I was a little on edge about taking Chinese 1, (it will be my second language after english) but I am very interested in Chinese Culture, and decided it would be a good business decision.Can anyone who has taken Chinese give me some tips and suggestions on how to be successful in this class? Any help is…

There isn’t much advice I can give except practice and hard work. Chinese has thousands of characters, so a lot of it is memory work. At first everything will seem similar-looking, but after you start learning the stroke system you will be able to see the small differences. e.g. 人 and 入And learning the pinyin system is important too; especially for learning the pronunciations and intonations. Listening attentively during classes and even Chinese shows will help you hear the different intonations. Once you learn some basic words/phrases, try reading some simple books like kids’ books.Good luck! 🙂

What is a good book on how to blog.

What in the opinion of those who blog think is the best how to book.

There are great books out there but if you are looking to become a successful blogger you should really gather your info by reading articles, blogs and following other bloggers online on twitter, wordpress, typepad etc…Here’s a quick and easy article. Godin is a well respected blogger and online Marketer. Start following him and you will absorb all you need to know. and Typepad are the most successful blogs in the world. They provide an abundance of info – usually located in the footer s of their websites or their forums.

Is there a book on how to run a small business like a Jew.

I opened a small business. I want my business to grow and prosper. I’m a Christian, and there are a lot of books on how to run a Christian business.But, one college professor once told me “If you want to be successful in business, do business like the Jews”.So, does anyone know a book I can…

You don’t need a book. Here’s the secret: be honest and caring, treat your customers well, and don’t take advantage of anyone. Be sure to give at least 10% of your earnings to charity. If you do this, you will be doing business like a Jew.All the best.

Is therer a book on how to lead a better more successful life.

I really enjoy reading non-fiction, self improvement / personal development style books. So far they have all fallen short of helping me achieve my life goals. Is there a book, workbook or guide that will help me be more charismatic, better looking, more charming, successful in business, happier in life and…

Characteristics of Successful PersonsAre committed to their goalsAre able to set prioritiesHave learned how to learnAre results orientedContinually seek new challengesManage stress effectivelyFocus on a missionLearn how to make decisionsPractice mental rehearsalTake calculated risksMaintain flexibilitya\Ask for what they wantAre able to ask the right questionsKeep their promisesAre good listenersCan tolerate rejection and lossPractice persistenceAvoid perfectionismAccept help from successful peopleTrust their hunchesAre able to negotiateAnticipate what can go wrongFeel good about themselvesStrive to improvePractice patienceAre assertive when necessaryAre honestAre able to see the other person’s point of viewAvoid self-pityUse praise more than criticismLearn to say nowTrust themselves

How to be a real estate agent. .

How to be a successful one.

There are books written about this, its not exactly something you can cover in a 2 paragraph answer. I suggest you go to and do a search on this and buy one of those books. Easy answer is to take the course, pass the tests, then go around posting flyers, talking to people, working desk duty and open houses; and all sorts of other stuff to bring in business.

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  1. I have also meet people who are average in terms of brilliance, but have great abilities to run a business b/c they have more people skills, and have different approaches to handle issues. Plus i feel like they actually enjoy life.yes, i know a few academically challenged individuals who are successful. stupid may be different. dumb is different as well.

  2. I have meet a lot of “smart” people and these people can be good in terms of academic, but they can lack common senes, I.E networking or keeping customers happy,understanding your community.

  3. formal education has absolutely ZERO relevance to your chance of success.There really is no such thing as a stupid dumb person…only an “uninformed” person.

  4. by: Lynn BuschAccounting is essentially the most priceless measure. If you’re a well accountant, you can in no way be out of labor – there are jobs all over. Also, watch out approximately fitting fluent in Chinese, until you honestly wish to are living over there.

  5. There is no book of special Jewish secrets to running a business. There are thousand of books about how to run a successful business written by people of all religions.

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