Books About Cars And How They Work

does anyone know a book that teaches you about car parts and how to work on a car.

I really need this book

There are tons! If you are interested in a specific car, you can get service manuals specific to those cars with diagrams and guides. On the other hand, if you are interested in car parts in general and how they work, Ken’s idea is best, just look in the library. For basic “working on a car” you really don’t need as much knowledge as people think. However, if you are interested in how all the car parts actually work, then you are at the tip of a very large iceberg. You’ll want to look up mechanical engineering and physics topics including internal combustion, thermodynamics, power transfer, electronics, etc. Night school ftw!What kind of car do you have?For instance, if you own a BMW, a company named Bentley makes a wonderful service manual series that would give you enough details to repair/replace almost any problems without a very thorough understanding and this is the best path for most people.Google “(car type) service manual”Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions

everything about cars..

hello! Is there some kind of book about cars. How everything works and how parts look like. Thanks! this has a lot of technical explanation for how the cars work. you should also start reading car magazines like Motor Trend, Car and Driver, Road and Track, and things like that as they often have detailed blueprints and stories of how things work and the latest technology vs. old and all those good things. and there is no way to know everything about cars. nobody knows everything about anything. most people build up there knowledge of cars there whole life which is why 9/10 times your grandpa’s mechanic knows more about cars then anybody that just graduated from technical school.

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Need to learn about engines, and cars..

im 15 and i want to learn about engines and cars, like how to take them apart and that, ive herd that you can get books that explain how to take engines apart and how to fix them, but i don’t really learn well from books is there, im wanting to work in a car body shop when im older so i need to learn about cars…

Do your parents own a car or 2? Why not get a Chilton or a Haynes repair book on those vehicles. Although your parents probably will not allow you to pull the engine to tinker. You can use the books to investigate and trace the workings of the vehicles. The books are a bit limited in scope, but, they cover the basics (including some body repair) for the specific vehicle. You’ll find everything from lug nut torque to head bolt torque pattern, from vavle lash to wiring to emissions.Next you’ll need to look toward tools. Many shops require the mechs to supply their own. Think about what you’ll need and start with a small set. Once you’ve got some tools why not get your feet wet and break your tools in on something? Why not get an old gas powered mower off Caigslist to pull apart and assemble? When it’s apart take the time to clean up the body/carriage using some of those body repair techniques you learned from the books. In the end you can resell the mower on Craigslist and get your money back (or most of it). This way you get some hands-on experience tinkering…Those are some ideas for you to start with. Good luck.

where can i learn all about cars and their parts, how everything works.

i want to understand a car, why it is rattling, why it is moaning etc. like people i know even girls know more than i do. like when a car makes a sound they are like ohh that needs oil and im clueless. all i know is how to do the brakes but that easy. where can i learn how to like fix up my own car when i get one….

There’s two ways to do this, learn the hard way, ie, when something goes wrong you learn what that is, or you hang with people who know cars and ask questions. You may want to read some magazines and some books from the library.

where can i learn about cars .

are there any websites or books anyone would reccomend i look at/ go to to learn about cars and engines, etc ?

What are you trying to learn? How to work on them or how they work?Ok, so if you just want to know how to maintain your vehicle, go to an auto parts store (or and look for a repair manual that is for whatever vehicle you drive. When you have an issue, open up the repair manual.If you want to learn how to work on cars in general, the BEST way is to buy an old cheap car and fix it up. I’m not talking a restoration of a classic muscle car necessarily, just go buy an old beater car you like and start fixing it up.

What is a good book that will teach you all you need to know about cars and trucks and how to work on them.

I wont to find a good book that teaches you all you need to know about how to keep your car or ford truck in good working condition and tells you all about the vehicale and engine. please help

hands on is the best way to learn, you need to be mechanically inclined and its not something you can get in a book, It is helpful to take automotive classes in school, this will give you enough information to find out if you want to spend your life dirty and covered in grease and oil and grime. Another thing that is super important, is computers, all new cars, have 4 to 7 computers, and you need computers for every aspect of racing now as well, so a computer literate back ground is a must find some part of mechanics that really interest you, like transmissions, or engines, or rear ends, what ever, but once you find what you love to do, and are willing to learn, eat, sleep while doing it, you will know what lights your fires. explore different options in life, dont focus on one goal, set several positive goals, and they can compliment eavh other if you are smart. good luck, the key is a good education. So bust your butt, all As and a B or too, but learn good study habits and you will get into good schools engineering is similar to mechanics, without all the greasy dirt. so check different avenues out.

Where can i find a good book about how cars work and how to fix them.

im looking for a book that teaches you how they work and how to fix everythinf on a car…i have a little experience not much i know some simple mechanics

The best way is online these days. $16.95 gets you a one year use age of every thing you will want to know about repairing cars one at a time. Where you ask?

How to learn about cars and how they work.

I want to start learning about how cars work, from top to bottom, inside and out. I’m 16 and have no prior experience with cars. There ‘s a small engine repair class at my high school but I can’t sign up for it until next year. Also, I’ve heard it doesn’t cover much. Are there any free courses I…

Try reading books, there are millions of books on the subject of cars and engines..

How do you learn car parts and how they work.

I want to learn everything i can about cars, engines, the parts and how they work.I don’t know really anything about cars and I really want to learn. Is there any place online where I can see labled pictures and how things work?anything will help!Thanks

Plenty of books in the library – and buying old car manuals is fun, particularly the older ones – they’re crammed with fascination details.But, to be honest, the best way is hanging around with people who know and watching, listening and asking questions. That and taking apart cars. You might not get them back together every time…

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  1. It was a 1973 VW Squareback that wasn’t running. I also had “The Idiot’s guide to keeping your VW alive” book.Someones old Small Block Chevy (SBC) would be fine too (283,327,350 etc)

  2. Nobody ever told me about tools I just had to learn. It is constantly surprising me how other people don’t know how to use simple hand tools or even hold an open end wrench properly.

  3. It never ran but I got it all the way apart and gained lots of knowledge about engines, suspension, brakes, etc.

  4. Get yourself an engine stand and an old air cooled VW motor. Or a whole car if you have the space and the parents with the patience. Get a VW manual and go to town.Also possibly the most valuable lesson was having the right tools for the job.

  5. There are tons of site available to get pdf(book). go to that site and search for some specific cars manual. There they are explain the car parts and its functionality.

  6. You can get a repair manual for a specific model at any auto parts store.The two most popular Haynes and Chiltons.Personally,I prefer the Chiltons manuals.

  7. [/DELDUP]paper shop, u herd of these, car books magazines, an these, car scrap yard buy a wrecker and £1000 of tools and your on the way.

  8. warm rod mag has had some stable articles on fixing up vehicles – vehicle physique, paint, mechanical, etc. – do a cyber web seek on them. it is fairly some thing you should learn hands on. i might propose looking a community 2 year technical college close to by utilizing and take evening person ed instructions on vehicle physique, welding and mechanics. I did that as quickly as i advance into in my adolescents and that i’ve got been construction highway rods ever in view that. the main important impediment i’ve got discovered via the years isn’t having the main appropriate how you’re able to do the job. After doing it for 35 years, i’m now nicely geared up to do almost something.

  9. Best thing to do is buy a haynes or chiltons repair Manuals that give you a step by step breakdown on repairs. Or have some one that is machanically incilne to show processes and steps.

  10. This community is really nice. Its based in Vancouver, British Columbia but you’ll find what you need here. Community is super nice. It’s a car forum from basic information to modifications.

  11. yup is good. Lot of articles with detailes yet simple explanation. theres videos too for the visual.

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